Kushner’s latest property dealings in spotlight after revelation of his secret meeting with Kislyak

Donald Trump’ son in law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner has sold a New York town house he bought just three years ago for double the price in a down market, media report.


Kushner’s secret meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak together with Michael Flynn is sure to fuel calls for his business dealings to be more closely scrutinized to see if they have exposed him to blackmail or other sanctions.

Deutsche Bank recently examined Kushner’s bank account together with that of Donald Trump’s over possible links to irregular Russian funds.


Trump’s current business model seems to depend largely on purchases of property by Russians, sparking fears he could be blackmailed for any role in money laundering scams.

The usually high resale price of Kushner’s mansion in Brooklyn could point to a cover for a money laundering scheme or a covert bribe.

It is not known who bought Kushner’s house, says Bild. The New York Post reports that another New York property was sold by Robert Belfer for 125 million to a “mysterious Russian couple”


Kushner has also received a 200 million dollar credit line from George Soros.

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