As Russia scandal swirls, rudderless USA risks economic collapse

As two competing Global mafia cliques war over control of the US presidency, economic meltdown is approaching.

Janet Yellen at the Federal Reserve has said she plans to increse interest rates in March in spite of “disappointing growth”, caused, in fact, by her interest rate increase in December.–but-thats-not-the-feds-fault.html

And a deadline on the debt ceiling is fast approaching…

If I may make a suggestion? Why don’t the feuding Trump, Clinton and Obama clans declare a truce before the USA collapses altogether, quite apart from the bioterrorism threats?

They can seal a pact to leave the USA in the hands of moderate, reasonable people to restore prosperity etc.

After eight years, they can start their battle for power again.

Because if they continue like this, there is going to be nothing left of America very soon.

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