Comey’s claims not to have tapped Trump ring hollow given his record as corruption enabler, now finds himself in crosshairs of feuding Global mafia clans after getting into bed with both

WASHINGTON (AP) — Key members of Congress say they will honor President Donald Trump’s request to investigate his unsubstantiated claim that Barack Obama overstepped his authority as president and had Trump’s telephones tapped during the election campaign. A U.S. official said the FBI has asked the Justice Department to dispute Trump’s allegation, though no such statement has been issued.

FBI Director James Comey has called for the Justice Department to reject the explosive accusation that Barack Obama tapped Donald Trump’s phones.
The New York Times is reporting that the director of the FBI has asked the Justice Department to publicly reject President Donald Trump’s assertion that Barack Obama as president ordered the tapping of Trump’s phones during the presidential campaign.
President Trump — who has ordered an enquiry into the tapping scandal — is also said to be furious with senior staff for allowing the controversy around Attorney General Jeff Sessions to steal the limelight from Trump’s historic address to Congress.

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