Watergate comparisons haunt Trump


The row over the US attorney general’s denial that he met a Russian official when he had in fact done so is leading to comparisons with the most notorious political scandal in US history – Watergate.
The events of 1972 led to the downfall of President Richard Nixon, who resigned after a web of political spying, sabotage and bribery was exposed by the media.
Among the most prominent voices linking Trump and Watergate is Nixon lawyer John Dean, then described by the FBI as the “master manipulator of the cover up”.
“I have been hearing echoes of Watergate ever since this presidency started,” he told the BBC.
“We are not at Watergate 2.0 yet but we are certainly seeing trends and [Jeff] Sessions dissembling in front of the Senate is just another one.”
Mr Trump himself has also taken to referencing Watergate, though not for the same reasons. In a tweet he accused Barack Obama of tapping his phones in during the election, sparking a new row.



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