Was there a secret Trump server communicating with Russians after all?


The revelation of the many links between Donald Trump’s team and Russia is leading to a re evaluation of the claim that Trump’s team may have set up a secret server to communicate with Russia after all.

Prisonplanet attempts to debunk the claim but admits that the IT team of Russia’s fourth largest commercial bank, Alfa Bank, often stayed at Trump hotels during their trips abroad fuelling speculation that they may have played a role in setting up a secret server to communicate with Russia after all.


“A member of Alfa Bank’s IT team also reportedly confirmed to Graham that its executives often stay at Trump hotels during trips abroad,” says Prisonplanet.


It is not clear why a Russian bank would send its IT team to the USA regularly, although a bank document states it has financial subsidaries in the USA.


Alfa Bank is owned by oligarch Mikhail Fridman. It owns a share in Vimpel, the Russia telecommunications company in the portfolio of the billionaire hedge funder Robert Mercer, who funds Breitbart and who may even still be paying the salary of Steve Bannon.




Fridmann has close links to the regime installed through a colour revolution by George Soros in Kiev.



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