Trump and the freedom of the press

Donald Trump is targeting US journalists with help from Russian intelligence, a former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst has claimed.

John Schindler, a security expert and former counterintelligence officer, tweeted: “Learned fm very reliable IC sources that Trump WH, w/help fm Russian intel, is targeting US journalists. Rough road ahead. Get ready, peeps.”

Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer blocked critical news outlets from attending a White House press gaggle, perhaps to avoid legitimate questions on Trump’s links to Russia.

This blog shows that we have a real problem with a free press. I had to start it in 2009 after the British Medical Journal as well as the Lancet refused to publish a story about Baxter’s contamination of seasonal flu with bird flu in a lab in Austria, employing biosecurity level 3 regulations making an accidental contamination virtually impossible.

I had written for the BMJ for years. I can identify a huge story when I see it. The Baxter bird flu contamination story was a huge story and of great public interest. But the censorship did not surprise me. I had seen it everywhere at first hand as a reporter.

Bill Gates last month said bioterrorism could kill more people than nuclear war, and that governments were overlooking the threat.

But the reality is any journalist who reports factually on this topic, something they have to do anyway on blogs because the mainstream media is censored, is silenced. Look at my case.

So when outlets like CNN, BBC etc complain about being banned from a White House gaggle, it is not because they seek the truth. It is because they seek influence for their camp, which started all these false flag pandemics. Prominent among the perpetrators is Barack Obama.

It was Baxter, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois where Obama had his Senate seat, which nearly started a global bird flu pandemic in February 2009 just after Obama assumed office and as the engineered financial crisis deepened.

History shows the Globalists time their wars and disasters to coincide with boom and bust cycles caused by the private, fractional reserve banking system.

It was Obama who was at the centre of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico a few weeks later when the Austrians started investigating Baxter after I filed charges.

An archaeologist Felipe Solis who shook hands with Obama was dead within a week, allowing the media to hype the swine flu as a threat to the globe.

And it was Obama who played a pivotal roll in standing down all the biosecurity regulations in 2014 when the USA was nearly overrun by Ebola.

As Russian intelligence services have guessed, the US military and intelligence community were so clueless about this topic that they had to come to my blog to find out how to stop the Ebola threat.

Unfortunately, the then Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel failed to launch an inquiry. There has been no attempt made whatsoever to identify and plug the systematic intelligence gaps either by the likes of Governor Chris Christie.

The FBI has colluded in hiding the evidence of Obama’s Ebola crimes. A problem swept under the carpet is a problem for the future.

Nevertheless, the issue of whether the Russians control Trump or not should not partisan. It is not a Democrat or Republic issue. It is vital for all Americans that they do not have foreign powers controlling their presidents by backdoor business links and blackmail.

If the Americans don’t investigate and impeach Trump, there will be a queue of foreign powers sending their candidates to fight the next election with illicit funds.

A senator said it was important to produce a report on the Trump Russia links that Americans had faith in.

That overlooks the fact that foreign intelligence services and others are watchful and on the look out for opportunities to take advantage of the tendency of Americans like Hagel to cover up problems rather than find a solution for them.

A thorough and independent investigation is now needed and a systematic examination of all the intelligence failings to avoid a repeat.

Also, a genuinely free and independent press is needed.

There is no such thing, right now. There is the camp supported by the likes of Robert Mercer and there is the camp supported by the likes of George Soros, promoting Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Each pushes their agenda. But both their agenda are about obtaining power over the USA for their own nefarious purposes. They have nothing to do with prosperity, freedom or democracy.

Trump’s new Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from any investigation after failing to give a full account of his meetings with Russian ambassador and alleged spy recruiter Sergey Kislyak to a Senate Committee.

The Palmer Report has found evidence that it was Sessions who introduced Russian operative Carter Page to Trump.

The removal of his crony, Sessions, from an investigation may have been the reason for Trump’s apoplectic tantrum against Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.

Trump has also fired off a tweet accusing Barack Obama of being too weak on Russia, claiming Moscow “got stronger and stronger” during his tenure…

“For eight years Russia “ran over” President Obama, got stronger and stronger, picked-off Crimea and added missiles. Weak!” Trump tweeted.

Let’s hope Trump doesn’t nuke Russia to show himself “Strong!” …and destroy all the evidence.

And we don’t have one or other of these factions unleashing some new bioterrorism agent like Ebola or the bubonic plague as the bust cycle reaches a historical deep and a financial meltdown in the USA, eurozone and China is on the cards.

Certainly, the USA is not better prepared today than it was in 2009.

The arrogant Globalists also never consider that there may be others who might have taken a leaf out of their bioterrorism play book.

I am not saying the Russians have. I am saying from my interview with a state Russian TV, that they are much more aware about biological warfare than the USA.

They consider this blog to give information about biological warfare, not peddle conspiracy theories.

George Soros also takes my blog seriously and its information about bioterrorism as is shown by the fact he reads it, something which has enabled me to formally accuse him of being behind the multiple murder attempts and cover ups in Greece.

Do the likes of CNN, the New York Times or any other Soros media report on these facts? No.

But then neither do the media controlled by Robert Mercer…which makes you wonder what Trump’s bankers Wilbur Ross and Steve Mnuchin have planned for the American people as the financial screw turns again. Are they planning to copy the Globalist bioterrorism model to get rid of masses of impoverished people?

It is clear that they can do whatever they want with Trump whether it is because he is blackmailed or a fool.

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