As the FBI hunts for the source of the release of CIA hacker tools on Wikileaks, it is reasonable to ask whether other programmes such as biological warfare tools have been leaked.

A red flag that the Globalists are planning another false flag pandemic or bioterrorism act comes with appointment of Austrian epdidemic infectious disease technocrat Pamela Rendi Wagner as the new Minister of Health.

Rendi Wagner authored the Austrian emergency plan for Ebola in 2014.

Rendi Wagner trained at the Medical University of Vienna, specializing in Specific Prophylaxis and Tropical Medicine and at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. She has taught in Tel Aviv, where her husband, Michael Rendi was Austria’s ambassador to Israel, a country which has significant biological warfare research programmes.

Rendi Wagner is known for supporting forced vaccination in the event of an epidemic.

The Austrian national pandemic plan foresees vaccination of 100% of the population.

Crucially, she supports vaccinating people who have none of the symptoms of a disease as part of a new so called preventive vaccine approach

The traditional, therapeutic approach involves administering a vaccine to a person inflicted with a disease.

Rendi Wagner’s position is dangerous. 

In 2015, the interim results of the unorthodox Merck vaccine study (without a control group) stated that the most common adverse event of the Merck vaccine is getting Ebola…

“As of July 20, 2015, a total
of 43 serious adverse events had been documented among
eligible and consenting trial participants, including
27 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (see appendix).
Apart from Ebola virus disease, the three most common
serious adverse events were suspected, unconfirmed Ebola
virus disease (three cases), episodes of febrile illness (three
cases), and road traffic accidents (three cases). 16 deaths
occurred: 15 from Ebola virus disease and one from cardiac
arrest. The initial causality assessment indicated that only
one serious adverse event, an episode of febrile illness, in a
male participant who recovered without sequelae was
related to vaccination. Assessment of serious adverse
events is ongoing.”

A Merck vaccine AIDS trial using a similar combination of a common cold virus and the disease virus was cancelled because the vaccine was found to have increased the risk of becoming infected, as even The New York Times reported in 2008.

To hide the fact that the Merck vaccine gives people Ebola, the study results seem simply to have been rehashed in 2016 to exclude all the people who fell ill with Ebola within the first nine days after vaccination.

But the period of incubation for Ebola is usually between 5 and 10 days. However, this period can be extended to 2 to 21 days in total.

Therefore, the assumption that the people who fell ill with Ebola within the first nine days did not get the disease from the Merck vaccine is false.

Also, Ebola is a disease that progresses through several stages. The first stages can include fever and headaches. But it is not clear what the Merck study means by falling ill nine days after vaccination.

Does falling ill mean that a victim displays the first phase of Ebola symptoms such as nausea or a headache? Or the full blown symptoms?

If Rendi Wagner is an Austrian and a tropical disease specialist, she must know that the Nazi biological warfare programme focussed on tropical diseases.

As part of the Nazi biological warfare program code-named Blitzableiter (Lightning Rod), Blome’s institute was therefore “a camouflaged operation for the production of biological warfare agents”, and its construction was overseen by Karl I. Gross, an S.S. officer and specialist in tropical diseases, who had conducted lethal experiments on 1,700 prisoners at the Mauthausen concentration camp.[5]

We might soon have not just Ebola, but also the black plague spread by genetically modified fleas and insects to worry about if history is anything to go by….

Personally, I just hope that this time around people like Theodekti, the Bishop of Volos,  Alexis Tsipras, Geoffrey Pyatt as well the Larisa judges and police , who have been so eager to murder me and cover it up for their profit get their come up pence. If I had not stepped in 2014, they would have had to take the Ebola vaccine and died an agonizing death long ago. A hundred per cent of the population includes them.

They may soon be forced to take the Ebola or other vaccines like Black Plague as poetic justice.  For if they all think, they will live happily ever after after killing me, they are deluded. They are overlooking the reason why I am such a target in the first place.  They are overlooking the mysterious ways God ensures justice is done to those who are evil.

“In 1943, Blome proposed spreading malaria “artificially by means of mosquitoes” and experimented on prisoners at Dachau and Buchenwald with lice in order to cause typhus epidemics.[10] Eduard May, director of the Entomological Division of the SS Institute for Practical Research in Military Science, received a commission to experiment on concentration camp prisoners with “humanly harmful insects” starting in October 1943, which was closely connected with Blome’s biological warfare program.[11]”
May collaborated with him in experiments on “the artificial mass transmission of the malaria parasite to humans”, with infected mosquitoes dropped from planes. In addition, the Wehrmacht’s Veterinary Section, which included research projects on animal diseases being conducted by Dr. Erich Traub at the Insel Riems (Riems Island) Institute, was developing methods to spread these by aircraft over Britain, the U.S. and the Soviet Union.[12] Like Kurt Blome’s cancer research institute in Posen, the State Research Institute at Insel Riems was a dual use facility during the Second World War where at least some biological warfare experiments were conducted.

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