When I was in Ireland in the summer of 2015, I had a chat with son of one of the founders of a very large Irish company, which, in the meantime, has international operations. Over a cup of tea, we discussed the New World Order, and he remarked that American and British freemasons are at war with each other over it.

These two warring factions seem to have a common agenda of private central banks as well as a radical depopulation  using wars and bioterrorism, and timed to coincide with bust cycles. Both factions also seem to be into paedophilia, torturing children to death in basements (Pizzagate) and Satanism. So, these two factions are fighting over who will control any one world, totalitarian, fascist government if and when we, the people, are eliminated.

Putting all the pieces of the Trump puzzle together, it looks to me now like the British freemasons, specifically the City of London and the Rothschilds, have put Donald Trump and their team into power in Washington using their leverage with Russian oligarchs as well as with the media they control, including Fox News (Rupert Murdoch), Breitbart (Robert Mercer), Infowars (Rothschild?).

Nat Rothschild’s links to Russian oligarchs are well documented, and many of these oligarchs have links to Trump and his team, specifically Mikhail Fridman and Vikor Vekselberg.

Rothschild also openly helped John McCain’s bid for presidency, having hosting, together with his father, a McCain fundraiser in London in March 2008.

Might Rothschild not have decided to have another go at installing a shadow government in Washington, this time with the help of Trump and Wikileaks?

The Rothschild’s network extends far and wide and includes Alexis Tsipras, who was caught having a secret meeting with Rothschild officials in Paris last month.

Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is a Rothschild  banker, appointed head of Cyprus Bank with the help of Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, whose company headed jointly by Mikhail Fridamn obtained a gigantic loan from a Rothschild bank to buy out BP.

In 1996, Vekselberg went into partnership with Fridman’s Alfa Group, becoming shareholders in Tyumen Oil Company, or TNK.

Fridman, the head of Alfa Bank, whose mysterious computer pinging of a Trump Tower server is being investigated, borrowed 20 billion from Rothschild investment bank together with his partners, including Viktor Vekselberg, to buy a majority stake in BP in 2012.

Vekselberg also headed the gigantic aluminum firm  Rusal together with Oleg Deripaska, a puppet of Rothschild.

Maybe the FBI and CIA could send an official request for information to Putin about any intelligence he may have about irregular bank loans, Wikileaks, Sergej Kislyak and his meetings with Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions?

Putin might decide that helping to put Trump, Kushner, Fridman et al in jail in the USA suits his own domestic agenda just fine, and be forthcoming with phone transcripts, bank documents, internet records etc.

Putin could also always leak the information on the internet or send it directly to the FBI offices by email attachment.

The Russian journalist who interviewed me in summer in Laria were very interested in my communications with the FBI. I was able to show them how easy it is to email an FBI office.

For sure, Putin will not want the Rothschild and Deripaska clique group to gain ascendency in Washington as Rothschild’s aim is to oust Putin.

Putin might actually be very happy to see competent patriotswho want a soveriegn, prosperous America and who are sick and tired of Globalist antics in charge in Washington.

As for the Americans, they will certainly not want puppets of the villainous Rothschild ruining America.

The Rothschilds are said to be behind the totalitarian regimes of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

With every passing day, it becomes clearer that Trump is crook, a liar and a thug. The perfect wanna be dictator.

The America NWO Globalists should stand down and help shore up a government of patriots to avoid the real and present danger of the USA turning into an impoverished Soviet Union style one party state under Trump and his handler Rothschild.

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