Turks ask Flynn for their money back, new disgrace for Trump’s top security advisor caught hiding cash for favour scam with help of Pence

What could possibly be more damning for Michael Flynn and the Donald Trump administration than Flynn having been on a Turkish political figure’s payroll at the time he was appointed National Security Adviser, and the Trump campaign having known about it at the time? How about Turkey asking Flynn for the money back after was forced to resign and was no longer in a position to manipulate things on its behalf?

That’s the question now facing both Flynn and the Trump administration amid the revelation that Turkey’s Ekim Alptekin has asked Michael Flynn for a refund. Steven A. Cook, who describes himself as the Eni Enrico Mattei senior fellow for Middle East & Africa studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, has shared the following revelation: “Ekim Alptekin asked for money back from Flynn Intel. I guess he thought Fethullah Gulen would be extradited.”

As Palmer Report reported earlier today, Vice President Mike Pence lied this week when he claimed that he wasn’t aware of Michael Flynn’s financial arrangement with Turkey until he heard about it in the media. Congressman Elijah Cummings sent a letter to Pence’s office back in November informing him of the situation, meaning that Pence (and presumably Donald Trump) knew Flynn was taking Turkey’s money when he was named National Security Adviser. Oops.


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