My email to Juncker telling him I am not blogging about epidemics or bioterrorism any more, no sign of justice in my case two years after original crime, one year after Juncker’s letter to me

Well, I have just emailed Jean Claude Juncker and his EC minions and told them I will not blog anymore about epidemics or forced vaccination campaigns.

Juncker and co have taken no action to get my case back on track in Greece as they are morally, politically obliged to do.

If there is a new epidemic, it will be his fault. Juncker has had enough warnings and enough time to do something against this threat. But as Bill Gates said last month governments have been asleep at the wheel. Bioterrorism could kill more people than nuclear war.

It’s certainly no longer my problem. I have no more moral responsibility to spend my money and risk my life to protect the criminal and selfish from their own criminal actions year after year by blogging about bioterrorism etc. I have no obligation to pity the pitiless.

As far as I am concerned, a bioterrorist can occur tomorrow in Brussels. Tant pis, Jean!

If he and his clique find themselves without tax payers to foot the bill for their regal salaries, pensions and life style because they have been wiped out by a bioterrorism act, that’s their problem. If they survive an act of bioterrorism themselves, that is.

And it’s not just Juncker who has failed. Other European leaders could have gotten on the phone and insisted that my case went ahead.


The text…
Dear Jean Claude Juncker,

I have intervened three times to stop the mass vaccination of Europeans with a risky epidemic vaccine, twice in 2009 (Baxter bird flu and swine flu) and in 2014 (Ebola).

I will not do it again.

If an epidemic is unleased tomorrow and you and all your staff have to take a dangerous epidemic vaccine, I will not lift one finger.

I informed you in spring 2015 of a murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities, specifically, about Ebola. You wrote me a letter in December 2015 about my case, claiming to take it seriously.

Incidentally, you also claimed there was no evidence that the swine flu vaccine had caused injuries when governments from Finland to the UK have officially admitted it has done so and are compensating victims.

Why do you lie in a letter about a sensitive health issue like that when the true facts are widely known, Mr Juncker?

Since that letter two more murder attempts have occurred carried out by the Greek state officials under the guidance of Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister. That is not a theory. That is a proven fact, documented, and verifiably the case for all to see on my blog.

Two years have passed and nothing has been done to prosecute the culprits. Nothing. I live in daily fear of being murdered because of complicit people like you, Mr Juncker.

Lorena Boix Alonso, your head of new media, contacted me. And did nothing to help me either. Your corruption unit contacted me and did nothing to get my case on track either. Your health unit contacted me to tell me how seriously they took pandemics and did nothing to help me.

As the EC President, you have the power to intervene and get the judges in Greece to investigate my case and prosecute the culprits as they are obliged to do by European law. You not only have the power, you have the duty.

You can send a signal that murder attempts against a journalist who reports on constant epidemics are not going to be tolerated.

If you refuse to do it, don’t be surprised when the next epidemic is unleashed together with the forced vaccinations.

Only you won’t find me blogging about it or trying to stop it as I have done since 2009.

If there is an epidemic and mass vaccination campaign, you may find there are no tax payers to keep you in your royal style you love so much, Mr Juncker. That’s your problem.

I am not going to lift a finger to protect a clique like yours, pretending to want to help when, in reality, you do nothing to protect the freedom of the press.


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