Never Trump Republicans run ad calling for proper Russian investigation

I think a special prosecutor will be needed to indite Donald Trump since the impeachment process is very slow.

From the Washington Post
Now a group of “Never Trump” Republicans are planning to pressure GOP leaders to establish a bipartisan select committee to take over the inquiries and settle the matter once and for all.

Stand Up Republic, a nonprofit organization led by former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his running mate, Mindy Finn, is launching a public campaign aimed at building support among Republicans for consolidating the various congressional Russia-related investigations into one empowered and fully funded select committee. The organization’s ad, which goes live Tuesday with a six-figure television ad buy, makes the case that the Russia issue is too important not to investigate fully.

“Trump’s Russia crisis. Secret contacts. Conflicting stories. Mounting signs of hidden ties and shady deals. Fear our president is compromised,” says the narrator. “The values of liberty, justice and honor shaped America. Generations fought for freedom, and presidents of both parties stood against foreign tyrants like Vladimir Putin. Why won’t Donald Trump? Tell Congress to name a bipartisan select committee to get the truth?”

An ad, released by the nonprofit group Stand Up Republic, kicks off a campaign to build support for a select committee to investigate ties between Russia and the Trump administration. (Stand Up Republic)

The goal is to bring public pressure to bear on the White House and Republican congressional leadership to elevate the investigations by taking them out of the hands of the congressional intelligence committees, which don’t have proper resources or support to do the job, according to McMullin. The committees are already strapped for cash, according to some leading Democrats.

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