Trump lies, part 50. His lies about job growth

The first February report on job growth under the presidency of Donald Trump shows 7,000 fewer jobs were created than in the same month last year, underlining that Trump is lying when he tweets figures claiming to show his election has resulted in a surge in jobs.

See below…

Nonfarm payrolls grew in the USA by 242,000 in February 2016 exceeding the expected gain of 195,000 by 49,000 jobs. The expected gain in February 2017 was exceeded by a smaller figure of 45,000 jobs.

There were only 235,000 jobs added in February 2017.

Moreover the average work week was shorter, meaning less pay. It dropped from 34.5 hours in February 2016 to 34.4 hours in February 2017.

Does Trump’s latest lie surprise anyone?

After failing to produce a shred of evidence that Barack Obama had ordered the FBI to wiretap Trump Tower by a deadline set by Congress yesterday, Trump’s press officer has said that Trump did not mean wire tapping literally. On Fox News Trump’s mouth piece Judge Andrew Napolitano suggested, again without a shred of evidence, that Obama had asked the British intelligence services to spy on Trump…

He also almost certainly lied when he said he had no idea that Michael Flynn was being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Turkish government when he picked to become the national security adviser.

Not to mention all his lies about having no dealings with Russians.

And so on and on , lie after lie ad nauseam…




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