Will Trump resign soon? Ally caught communicating with Russian hacker told by Senate Intel committee to preserve evidence

Donald Trump has spent his weekend yet again at his golf club in Palm Beach, and he may be going there to exchange messages with his fixers because he suspects he is under surveillance through a FISA warrant in Washington.


He huddled together with Vice President Mike Pence as rumours swirl that he may be forced to resign soon over hidden ties and conflicts of interest.

Senator Diane Feinstein, who viewed the secret CIA folders on Trump, afterwards hinted she thought Trump might decide to resign.


Of particular interest are Trump’s tax returns, which may reveal significant funding of his business by Russian oligarchs, something which he has concealed from the public and opens him to blackmail.

Trump in an interview with Fox News again refused to release them.


Trump will certainly know through his frequent phone calls with his ally Roger Stone that Stone believes he may be under a FISA warrant, which allows the communications of individuals to be collected if they are suspected of being agents of a foreign power.


Stone said he believes his contacts with a Russian-linked hacker Guccifer, who hacked the emails of the Democratic National Committee, may have been obtained through a FISA warrant.


He  went on the Alex Jones show to say that he thought all his calls to Trump and Alex Jones may have been caught, prompting Alex Jones to look alarmed.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has reportedly asked  Stone to preserve any documents related to its probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Stone was asked in a letter to “preserve and retain all hard copies and electronically stored information as specified below in furtherance of the committee’s ongoing investigation into Russian actions targeting the 2016 U.S. elections and democratic processes globally,” The New York Times reported Saturday.


If there is solid evidence that Trump and his aides have hidden financial or other ties to Russian oligarchs which they have hidden, he could be indicted quite soon.

FBI Director James Comey may give information on any FBI investigation when he testifies to the House intelligence committee tomorrow.


Trump has been trying to spin the wiretapped data of his aides as a politically motivated campaign launched against him personally and illegally by his predecessor Barack Obama. But it is legitimate and necessary for the FBI to investigate  Russia ties. Trump can expect very little sympathy from his base if an investigation exposes corruption because he campaigned and won on this very issue of ending intransparent financial ties, communications and corruption.

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