Trump propaganda machine makes futile attempt to rally support after FBI announce probe

After FBI director James Comey announced the agency is investigating whether there was collusion between Donald Trump and his aides and Russia to influence the 2016 election, Alex Jones at Infowars, RT, Breitbart and other media outlets have launched an hysterical campaign to rally public support for Trump and his media.

My guess is there will be very little support for Trump and his family and associates since Trump campaigned on a platform of draining the swamp and ending intransparent financial ties.

This included Hillary Clinton’s dubious deals with Russia such as the Uranium One deal.

Barely in office, Trump has set up his own cash for favours circus centering around his son in law Jared Kushner, who has assumed the de facto role of state secretary, meeting foreign leaders.

But Infowars has remained silent on all the revelations of financial ties between Trump and his aides and foreign powers.

In a new ominous development, Trump has also appointed spies to watch over his own cabinet. A minder sent to watch over Pentagon Chief James Mattis has been nicknamed “the commissar”, recalling the Soviet Union practise of control.

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