The Kremlin paid an army of more than 1,000 people to create anti-Hillary Clinton news stories targeting key swing states, the leading Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee has said.

The Independent claims that the stories about Hillary Clinton created by Russian trolls were “fake”. In fact, they were fact based and that is why she lost support. In retrospect, it’s clear that Clinton and Barack Obama were blackmailed by the threat of more revelations about “Pizzagate”.

The Enterprise/Spectre crime gang run by Billionaire Globalists such as George Soros with the help of puppets like Clinton makes billions every month through their wars, child and drug trafficking.

The Clinton clique seems to be locked in a  struggle to regain control of the most lucrative business segments from a rival  gang based around Rothschild’s Russian Oligarchs as well as Vladimir Putin. These managed to leverage their puppet Donald Trump into the White House using hacking, lies and dirty money and patriotic front men, who have, however, since been frozen out.

What the USA now needs is sane people from the left and right to pull together against both these crime gangs.

The Clinton clique have tried to start at least three major false flag pandemics. They have also used an engineered invasion of radical Islamic migrants to try to destroy Europe.

However, the Trump faction seem to be as bad. A health company belonging to the husband of Trump’s new education secretary called Spectrum Health has Ebola guidelines that are so flawed they would repeat the Ebola crisis of 2014 and infect doctors and nurses. This is a deliberate error, dear readers of this blog. It suggests Trump’s clique is planning another Ebola false flag.


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