Larisa prosecutors should speed up my case if they want me to withdraw charges, nearly two years already since original crime, snail’s pace of new investigation unacceptable, also civil case deserves speedy and just ruling

I went to Larisa court today to hand in the official form for a change of address and to  get all the required stamps (Greece in 2017 resembles the Ottoman empire in its bureaucracy), and learned my case is still in Volos.

I frankly don’t understand why a Larisa prosecutor does not make it a priority to pick up the phone and get the Bishop of Volos questioned immediately given the very serious charges hanging over half of Larisa court, and given their need to prove that they are serious about righting their wrongs speedily if they want me to withdraw those charges as I have offered to do.

Anyway, I was advised to write yet another letter to them, stating the obvious, which I have done and will get translated…
To the first prosecutor of Larisa,

I am writing to you to insist that you speed up my case. It is almost two years since the very serious crime occurred. But you not only helped cover up this crime, you even conspired to help the culprit repeat the original crime twice.

I note my case is still in Volos for preliminary questioning, nearly five months after I gave testimony to the investigating judge, something  which I should have been allowed to do two years ago.

Why can’t you pick up the phone and get the Volos prosecutors to carry out the questioning today? What stops you prosecuting the culprits of these crimes immediately?

I would like to remind you that when I started to put evidence of your corruption on my blog in February 2016, prosecutors had me summoned to the police station virtually the same day.

In fact, I was repeatedly and illegally summoned to the police station almost immediately I posted documents proving your crimes, and just in order to be threatened there.

This shows that you can act very quickly indeed when you want to.

I have made a very generous offer to withdraw the very serious charges against the judges and prosecutors in Larisa. But this offer is on condition that I am given justice against the culprits Theodekti, Theonniki, the Bishop of Volos, Konstantinos Christopoulos and Simos Samaras. I am even prepared to sign an document under civil oath pledging to wirthdraw the charges if I see results soon. One, two more years is unacceptable to me as it would be to anyone. Six more months is reasonable.

After all, I have a right not just to justice but to speedy justice under European laws.

In fact, I myself have already done all your work for you and supplied all the factual evidence of guilt in the form of verifiable documents. I have also torn apart the culprits’ defense in the civil case I was forced to launch because of your corruption, and pointed out all their perjury, lies and contradictions.

Let me remind you, as a journalist, I am entitled to publish all the factual proof of crimes. There is only one thing I cannot do as a journalist. That is actually punish the culprits and sentence them to prison. Only a judge has the power in our society to find culprits legally guilty and jail them for the decades that their factual, proven crimes against me merit.

At some point, the political tide will turn in my favour, if it has not already done so, and there will be people only too happy to prosecute you for your crimes against me, and for all kinds of different reasons, for example, to finally convict Soros or Tsipras or to prove to foreign investors that Greek justice does function.

If I do not see results in my main case form you very soon, I will insist my cases be given to an external prosecutor. Then, it will be out of your hands altogehter. If you think you can still attempt to influence any external prosecutor, you will find yourself in even more trouble.

Spare yourself constant anxiety about whether you will end up in jail by righting your wrongs speedily and convicting Theodekti and co.

Let me be frank to you, in my view, you are already known throughout the world as the what can only be called the cowardly, corrupt and odious puppets of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras in their plans to silence  me, a journalist trying to stop the mass vaccination of people with dangerous, experimental epidemic vaccines.

Why not take steps to repair your reputation by delivering some minimum of justice?

Also, I hope you understand I will not accept Theodekti being allowed to steal any part of my money as part of my civil case. All of it must be returned to me as the law requires, also the money I sent to her account in Estonia on her request. No other person other than Theodekti received that money. There was no other name on the Estonian account. The name on the account was Theodekti’s Skete in Estonia for which she is documented to be the one and only Abbess.

Theodekti spent a month in Estonia not long after I transferred money to her Estonian account on her request. She sent me her account number. Likely, it was Theodekti who took the money out personally in Estonia.

It is not acceptable for any judge in Larisa to ignore all this hard evidence and say the Estonian account has nothing to do with Theodekti because it is her account in Estonia, and without a shred of proof that anyone else got that transfer other than Theodekti during one of her trops to Estonia.

Also, Theonike, accused of two murder attempts, is based mainly in that Skete in Estonia.

In short, I want all the money I transferred to Theodekti back, including via her Estonian account as the law requires.

The civil case can be decided by studying just  two documents, the one email in which my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos admits Theodekti tried to bribe him in April 2015 to suppress evidence of all my crimes and to stop me getting my money back and the other, my electronic bank transfers to Theodekti’s private account and to her Skete in Estonia.

Any judge who wants to spend another amusing hour or two on my case, can study the verifiable lies and contradictions of Theodekti and her two associates made under oath, but that is not necessary either.

To conclude this letter, after two years, I hope you finally understand I am not going to be bullied by you, lied to by you, threatened my you, cowed by you or tricked by you. You have consistently underestimated me. You would be wise not to make the same mistake again or to think I do not mean what I say about speedy justice.

Of course, you will neeed to start to show back bone if you want to avoid facing years in prison, and backbone is something the modern Greek people seem to have very little of, according to your own poet C.P. Cavafy. His poem Trojans could just as well be given the title Larissa justice officials, whose cowardice and corruption seems to be matched only by a staggering complacency you will continue to get away with it, if I may offer some respectful criticism of your attitude as a “foreigner” new to this “Trojan culture”.
Είν’ η προσπάθειές μας σαν των Τρώων.
Θαρρούμε πως με απόφασι και τόλμη
θ’ αλλάξουμε της τύχης την καταφορά,
κ’ έξω στεκόμεθα ν’ αγωνισθούμε.

Aλλ’ όταν η μεγάλη κρίσις έλθει,
η τόλμη κι η απόφασίς μας χάνονται·
ταράττεται η ψυχή μας, παραλύει·
κι ολόγυρα απ’ τα τείχη τρέχουμε
ζητώντας να γλυτώσουμε με την φυγή.

I urge you to resurrect the spirit of Achilles within Larisa court and leap out of your “trench”.


Jane Buergermeister

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