It could be the scene from a black comedy or horror movie. A president bunkered down in his private golf course to aovid surveillance by the intelligence service, and fearing jail for receiving secret flows of dirty Russian money launches missile strikes and aircraft carrier around the world with his private banker sitting beside him.
Even Donald Trump’s most loyal base at Infowars are openly asking if he is a lunatic after Trump authorized missile strikes against Syria, reversing his policy with no explanation.

The impression that Trump is a maniac was reinforced by the fact that he chose to launch the missiles from a club room in his private golf course in Florida. The very man under suspicion of being Trump’s conduit for Russian money laundering, Rothschild banker and former Cyprus bank chief, Wilbur Ross, was photographed sitting beside him in the situation room, adding to the surreal effect.

Conspicuous by his absence was the Pentagon Chief James Mattis.

If the stunt was designed to divert from the ongoing FBI investigation into his secret contacts with Russia, then it is not, at all, clear why Trump chose to have a pivotal figure in that unfolding Russian scandal sitting beside him, guiding his strike.

In a totally unexpected policy U turn, Trump violated the constitution, and decided to throw his weight behind radical Islamic jihadists and ISIS fighters and attack a government held up as an ally during his election campaign.

The pretext was a chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians, but there has been no investigation yet as to its origin, with many speculating that it may have been false flag.


Infowars reports Trump was persuaded to make his “dramatic U turn” by his daughter Ivanka, anxious, perhaps, to divert the public’s attention away from the fact that her husband Jared Kushner committed a felony offense in failing to disclose his Russian contacts on security clearance forms.

It is not clear why the President’s daughter should be influencing such weighty policy decisions as missile strikes to support ISIS.


But the statement by top Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee investigating her father’s and husband’s secret connections to Russia that there will be inditements and her own husband’s felony offence may have motivated her to support foreign military action.


To distract from his bizarre Syrian missile strike, Trump appears to have then launched another unauthorized military action, sending an aircraft carrier strike group to North Korea.

Trump’s willingness to risk nuclear World War Three for a public relations stunt received plaudits from the usual suspects, the neo cons like John McCain, Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media talking heads, who tried to spin his actions as “decisive” and “presidential.”

But Trump’s own base are up in arms over the way he has brazenly broken a central campaign promise, namely, to cease unnecessary military interventions, stop creating more failed states and instability in the Middle East. His base cannot comprehend why he has suddenly swung his support in Syria behind the very radical Islatmic and ISIS jihadists he has consistently identified as a threat.

Paul Joseph Watson went even further in posting a youtube debate framed by the question whether Trump’s act is a sign of lunacy or of genius.

Watson clearly considered it to be an act of lunacy as he laid out all the arguments against the missle strie in a debate with Bill Mitchell, who cynically and surreally claimed the unexpected and unmotivated missile strike would improve Trump’s image.


The question now is if Trump will order further military action in Syrian or elsewhere, bringing the USA into a dangerous confrontation with Russia in order to avoid jail time.

The sooner Trump and his crime family is indited and slapped into jail, the better.

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