From the Palmer Report
When a scandal plagued president with a sinking approval rating launches a preemptive military strike, it’s always fair to scrutinize the motivations involved. Donald Trump is under FBI investigation for treasonous collusion with a foreign power to rig his own election and has the lowest approval rating for this point on the calendar in history. So as he prepares to launch undefined military action tonight in North Korea, just three days after he launched still-undefined military action in Syria, it’s a patriotic necessity to ask every question in the book.

Throw in the fact that Trump has violated the Constitution by failing to seek Congressional approval for any of this military action, and that he’s orchestrating all of this from a golf course in Florida, and the only logical assessment is that we’ve entered pure pandemonium: a treasonous madman at a Florida golf resort has hijacked the U.S. military on behalf of Russia, and if that’s hyperbole, it’s only by a fraction.

That Trump is using these military strikes to try to distract from his own crippling scandals, and salvage his comatose approval rating, is a given. What’s less clear is just how far he’s willing to take this, or what his own majority party is willing to do to rein him in. Trump’s strike in Syria has since been exposed as a sham, mere theater aimed at changing the subject even while making sure no Russian interests were harmed (link). But at least no U.S. troops died as a result of his stunt. The same may not be able to be said about his impending North Korea stunt.

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