Well, the hacking of my blog has intensified again. I am being blocked from posting links to Alex Jones criticising Donald Trump and H R McMaster for ordering missile strikes over an alleged chemical weapons attack. As I type, words disappear.

General H R McMaster has already demonstrated his disdain for Congress, for the Senate, for the American Constitution and people by huddling together with Trump and his Rothschild banker, in the crosshairs of an FBI probe, in his private golf course to make far reaching decisions about foreign policy. I have no doubt an authoritarian junta style general like McMaster would also not hesitate to crush criticism of his actions, even on this humble little blog.

Or the hacking may be done by George Soros and his clique who will be a 100% behind McMaster in his push to start World War Three as the US and global economy teeters on the verge of collapse.

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