Russia says it will not retaliate as realizes Trump and McMaster have launched USA on path to destruction in Syria with new military intervention

Russia has indicated it may not retaliate if Donald Trump orders more  military action in Syria, perhaps because officials realizes Russia is in a win, win situation.

If the heavily indebted, financially collapsing USA, with its record of chaos, incompetence and military failure in the Middle East, goes into Syria,  it will be drawn into an unaffordable, unwinnable and unpoupular war against multiple groups, allowing Russia to sit back and watch the Trump and his complicit generals to finally destroy America.

Trump’s general H R McMaster is to blame for this latest, distrastrous escalation of the conflict. Instead of using his influence to stop Trump’s reckless actions while he is under an FBI investigation, McMaster even went onto  Fox News to announce yet another impossible foreign policy objective, namely, the removal of both ISIS and Assad at the same time.

Since the USA cannot  accomplish that objective except by flattening Syria and killing everyone in the country, and spending trillions of dollars at a time of a soaring budget deficit, the USA will look even more weak, its military leadership even more pathetic.

If McMaster is not being blackmailed or bribed, he has severe pyscholigical problems, such as an extreme inferiority complex, which Trump’s clique is expertly exploiting to lead him around by the nose. Certainly, his bizarre appearance and explanations on Fox News from Mar al Lago with an American flag in the background, strongly suggested McMaster is a Dr Strangelove style loonie tunie general like paranoid fictional character Jack D Ripper.

Who needs enemies, when you have friends like McMaster sitting in the NSC?

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