*Donald Trump’s Junta generals help him bypass Congress to start WW3 as a diversion from Russia probe.

*Cabal of Generals help Trump and his foreign backers push agenda of deconstructing US institutions and administrations started by Steve Bannon.

*Parallel structures in the National Security Council start to act like executive of a dictatorship taking orders from Trump and his daughter Ivanka behind closed doors in his private golf club.

* New NSC adviser H R McMaster should have insisted on Trump following the Constitution and getting approval from Congress for military action that could spark WW3.

* Democratic instinct  and respect for US Constitution totally lacking in bulldog general McMaster unlike Marine Corps general Smedley Butler, who went to Congress in 1933 to prevent a military coup.

*McMaster as new face of military junta even explains garbled policies on Fox News, incoherent drivel from authoritarian Trump general could cost Americans trillions of dollars, 100 of thousands of soldiers in Syria, years of more war and turmoil if does not even trigger nuclear World War Three with Russia.

*Trump limits involvement of elected Congress to sending them a letter, claiming his unilateral decision to launch military action in Syria, escalating a confrontation with Russia, was in the US national security interest.


It’s a sight Americans may have to get used. General H R McMaster appeared on Fox News,  looking like a General belonging to the Greek Junta in 1970s, dressed in an uncordinated jacket, shirt and tie ( a red tie with bizarre white stripes in combination with a jarring sky blue shirt and and poorly matching dark grey jacket)  to announce that Donald Trump and a Cabal of Generals had, in violation of the Constitution, without any Congressional approval, started military action in Syria, which could lead to World War Three.

Boris Johnson has just warned that Trump and his cabal of Junta generals, could even start bombing Syria, sparking World War Three, and without any approval or debate in the Congress and Senate.

The whole point about removing Steve Bannon and his clique from the National Security Council was precisely to prevent Donald Trump and his clique from using the body to bypass Congress to launch reckless military action without proper institutional and popular support. Trump’s base voted precisely against these policies.

But no sooner does McMaster manage to push out Bannon, than he starts to behave just like him. In fact, he starts to look just like him.

Pictures show bulldog McMaster looking like a younger version of Bannon in uniform or (in drag?), apparently salivating at the prospect of earning a fourth star from Trump for his treachery as he sat at the table in the Mar al Lago “situation room” taking orders from Trump, a man facing years in federal prison, as well as Trump’s likely Russian money launderer, Wilbur Ross.

It is clear McMaster is perfectly happy violating every professional procedure and rule by launching a missile strike from a private golf course belonging to Trump on the behest of his daughter, who holds no elected office, and in the middle of an FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s links with Russia, all over the headlines.

Having brought the USA to brink of WW3, McMaster hurried to give an interview from Trump’s hideout to Fox New studio, soaking up the TV limelight, as the public face of a new authoritarian clique of generals, who make decisions about war behind closed doors, and who are so arrogant that they think they can give a garbled and nonsensical explanation for their unilateral decisions.

Clearly of the belief, the American public has an IQ lower than the bulldog McMaster physically resembles, McMaster tried to reconcile the opposing policy objectives of ousting ISIS and Assad by saying both could be achived at the same time.

“Well, I think as you saw with the strike, that there has to be a degree of simultaneous activity as well as sequencing of the defeat of ISIS first,” he said, contradicting himself and Rex Tillerson and Nicky Haley with brazen cynicism.

Maybe, there is a 1 in 99% chance, an incoherent Junta lapdog like McMaster can manage a  military campaign  in Syria successfully and install a US puppet regime without entering into a confrontation with the Russians and sparking nuclear World War Three. But at what cost? At the cost of 300,000 US troops, the flattening of Damascus, the enslavement of vast parts of the Syrian people by ISIS, the slaughter of tens of thousands of Christians, trillions of dollars, war with Russia, years of conflict and turmoil in the Middle East and waves of refugees and ISIS fighters heading to Europe.

With the cynicism of the ambitious apparachick who has learned the value of showing career compassion, McMaster mouthed all the right slogans about outrage at a chemical weapons attack. Ignoring the fact, that there was no evidence that Assad had committed the attack, he denounced Assad as part of a murderous regime that had at all costs to be removed, even though the military action has no democratic legitimacy.

The America people voted for Trump precisely because they are sick and tired of pointless foreign wars, costing lives and trillions of dollars.

In hindsight, it is clear that Trump and his Rothschild and Russian oligarch backers selected particular generals because they knew they had an especial bent to narrow authoritarianism and would push his agenda of deconstructing the administration and institutions of the USA. Or else they could be blackmailed or bribed.

Anyone who thinks these generals are behaving in th tradition of the US military, just needs to recall the actions of Marine corp general Smedley Butler, the general who went to Congress to warn them of plans to institute a military coup by wealthy industrialists.

Meanwhile, McMaster, and we must presume also James Mattis, sorry as I am to say it, have allowed themselves to become the willing instruments of a foreign military coup against Congress and Senate and the American people, taking orders directly from Trump and his daughter.


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