Virtually the hour Congress broke up for its Easter recess, Donald Trump launched three attempts to start nuclear wars in three different countries from his private club in Florida to divert from a probe into his ties to dirty Russian money, managing  even to blind side Defence Secretary James Mattis and bounce him into nearly destroying his own career by sanctioning unauthorized military strikes on the basis of a likely false flag.

But yesterday, Mattis finally began to distance himself from toxic Trump and his push to destabilize the Middle East, promising that the missile strike was a one off and there were not be war with Russia over Syria.

“It will not spiral out of control,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon.

“I’m confident the Russians will act in their own best interest and there is nothing in their best interest to say they want this situation to go out of control.”

Mattis acknowledged that Trump had only authorized the single attack, meaning the U.S. military would not automatically have the authority to strike again should Washington determine another case of chemical weapons use.
Mattis also said the U.S. military’s focus in Syria was still fighting Islamic State militants, not becoming entangled in Syria’s  civil war between Assad and his opponents.

If I were Mattis, I would read up on the Constitutional procedures for starting wars and liase constantly with Congress in order to avoid a situation where he is put on trial further down the line for helping a foreign agent to start wars the detrimental to US interests.

I would also ignore all of Trump’s phone calls from now on. If there is one thing we learned about Trump this weekend, it is that he is a much more calculating, manipulative, and ruthless and dangerous menace than most of us would ever have thought possible.

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