Good Friday is also being celebrated in Greece today. Unusually, the Orthodox and Catholic Easter falls on the same day this year, on Sunday April 16th.

This surreal, crazy week in which Donald Trump nearly started three world wars from his gaudy, gilded club in Florida, and is in the middle of pushing WW3 with North Korea as I type this,  reminded me of the Book of Revelation as well as of my trip to Patmos, the island where John wrote Revelation.

A number of people have been curious to know what Patmos is like. So, tomorrow, dear readers, I hope to take you on a mental sea voyage to Patmos, a little trip down memory lane, and also to ask questions about the bigger picture, about the deeper meaning of life etc.

As Sunday nears, I also hope to explore the surprising relationship between Achilles, Hades, Jesus Christ and the Resurrection, and its relevance to everyone today.

Happy Easter!




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