The entire Senate has been invited to the White House for a briefing Wednesday on the North Korea threat in a bizarre move that reinforces the notion that Donald Trump is determined to undermine the institutions of the USA and “deconstruct the adminstration”.

Senate and Congress have procedures in place to provide a well tested process for making decisions, especially about crucial matters like war.

They hold a hearing, invite experts for their views, ask questions, hold a debate and then a vote.

It is not clear how the Senate can follow this procedure during a briefing at the White House where Trump and his officials can determine what they get to hear, who they get to talk to, what questions they can ask, if any, what debate or vote they can hold.

Will Senators be able to question the absurd claim of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly that the minute North Korean dictator Kim Jong gets a nuclear missile, he poses a threat to the USA.

Why does Kelly assume Kim Jong is an unhinged maniac who wants to start a chain of events which he knows will result in his own destruction  the  minute he gets a nuclear missile, something that could, anyway,  be a long way off?

Russia has had nuclear missiles for years, but the threat has been kept in check by the doctrine of mutually assured destruction. 

Or will Senators be able to question why Nicky Haley, Trump’s UN envoy, apparently made the firing of an interballistic  missile by Kim Jong a red line that would trigger an act of war?

Will they be ask why the Vice President Mike Pence has assumed such a high profile role virtually declaring war on his visits to Korea?

Will the Senators have time to go the media after the briefing before Trump orders his generals to start military action against North Korea or a nuclear false flag explodes?


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats plan to provide the classified briefing to lawmakers.

The fact that two top generals in the Trump administration, Pentagon Chief James Mattis and Joseph Dunford, are due to give a classified briefing at the White House, reinforces fears that Trump is misusing the inexperience of the generals to bounce them and the Senate into war, which could lead to a nuclear confrontation with China and Russia.

This briefing at the White House looks like a variation of the “confuse them, blindside them and bounce them” into an act which will lead to nuclear war that Trump and his advisors used  when they nearly triggered a nuclear war with Russia by firing missiles at Syria from Trump’s private golf club.

The generals should resign rather than go along with Trump’s plan to subsume political structures under a quasi military dictatorship in order to start a war to divert from the Russian probe and America’s economic problems.

In military dictatorships, “window dressing” senators are summoned to Il Presidente’s residence to rubber stamp his and his generals decisions in secret.

In a democracy, in a Constitutional Republic like the USA, the president and the generals go to the Congress and Senate to get permission, adhering to House and Senate regulations and procedures.

Sean Spicer has said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell convened the bizarre meeting, but Spicer has been proven so often to be off the beaten track that his statement cannot be taken for fact. If it is true that McConnell called the bizarre meeting, then it was up to Trump to reject his call and ensure the briefing took place at the Senate.

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