Mene, mene, tekel, Ivanka

Wearing an enchanting frock and looking every inch like a princess from the Kingdom of Sylvadia, Ivanka Trump had an unfortunate “Mene, Mene Tekel” moment in Berlin when an unruly and really, very badly behaved audience refused to pay the role of adoring subjects and (gasp!) booed and hissed her.

Tut, tut, Germans. Where is your sycophancy, sorry, I meant, propriety? Just where is your sense of propriety? Ihr seid doch alle hirnlose Heinis, oder?

Churlish tongues might say that, a  bit like King Balthasar drowning his woes in wine while his city was under siege, Ivanka Trump seems to have sought forgetfulness from her conflicts of interest and a possible FBI inditement, in the glare of the TV spotlight.

But as even as she revelled being seen beside some of the most powerful, some might say evil, women on the planet, Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde as well as charming Queen Maxima of The Netherlands, a banker, daughter of a minister in an Argentine Junta, which killed at least 30,000 political opponents,

and a confidante of Nat Rothschild at Davos,

Ivanka had a glimpse of the famous “writing on the wall.”

The moderator brought up Ivanka’s business interests, and her huge influence, presumably also on her father’s World War Three  warmongering plans, and the audience hissed and booed her. Now, in Sylvadia, anyone who irks the royal family is summarily sent to prison as happened under the Argentine junta when anyone who irked the generals was thrown out of a plane at a high altitude.

But you naughty Germans can make amends by buying lots of Ivanka’s lovely, rustic frocks. 

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