Donald Trump made a surprise request for the entire Senate to go the White House at 3 pm EST today for a briefing on North Korea amid growing fears the Trump administration plans to start a war to deflect from a probe into its ties with Russia and the deepening recession.


Trump could be trying to repeat the psy op that he used to launch a missile strike against Syria when he announced out of a blue over dinner with the Chnese president a couple of weeks ago that he had nearly started World War Three. Only, this time, unable to get the entire Senate to go to his private Florida club, Trump may have settled for the White House, his personal residence as president, to intimidate them.

Even Senate aides have speculated that Trump could be insisting on a briefing in the White House “to showcase an assertive president”.


Confusion is another part of an psy op and confusion surrounds the briefing.

“The state department appeared unaware on Monday that Tillerson would be delivering a briefing,” reported The Guardian.

Watch out for other elements of a psy op when the Senators arrive at the WH this afternoon.

For example, Donald Trump, a Vietnam War dodger, could take the salute in front of a military guard, appealing to revered traditions.

Trump and his advisors may seek to increase feelings of fear and intimidation by having the Senators met by large numbers of staff to make them feel vastly out numbered.

A display of US flags as well as statues of the Founding Fathers could be used to arouse feelings of deference before authority and tradition, and make Senators feel small, insignificant by comparison, as part of his pys op.

Watch out for TV cameras to make Senators feel public pressure to pretend Trump’s act as the patriotic president, defending the USA from a crazy North Korean dictator who could nuke American any minute, is serious.

Neocon hawk Senator John McCain could be given the spotlight, and footage of him smiling and shaking hands with Trump would increase pressure on the other Senators to behave in a similar, approving, deferential way.

The venue, the Eisenhower centre, may also also designed to appeal to tradition and historical continuity.

The briefing will be given by the secretaries of State, Defense, the chief of staff and the head of national intelligence, whom Trump obviously belives can all be relied on be on message and exaggerate the threat of North Korea while downplaying the risks of a military engagement, scaring the daylights out of the Senators.

Trump team could also make use of the well known pyschological mechanism of transference, projecting the unpredictable, disjointed, confusing, crazingess of Trump onto Kim Jong, whom even US media admit is an unknown quantity, something which does not stop them labelling him a crazy who wants to press the nuke buttom the second he can and wipe out the USA.

Transferrence would also allow the blame for the conflictto be transferred from Trump to Kim Jong.

The aim of the psy op seems to be to terrify Senators and then carrel them into giving interviews to the media such as the one John Kelly recently gave, when looking like he had seen the grim reaper, he told the media that Kim Jong posed a threat the minute he got hold of a nuke without offering a shred of evidence.

In my view, the Senators should  take their trip to the WH with a pinch of salt.

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