I still remember the day I handed in to a FBI agent at Vienna embassy the charges concerning Baxter etc in 2009, which were investigated by the Austrian state prosecutor. Another story…

An agent holding a can of beer, wearing dark glasses, came trailing out, waddling as fast as his overweight figure would allow, i. e. at a snail’s pace. Only he knew how many cans of beer he had had that day. His garbled speech suggested a significant number, though it was only afternoon. Happily, oblivious to his sorry state, he trailed back inside, bored out of whatever could be called a mind, for his next can of beer, squeezing his portly figure through the doorframe. Yet, he had taken his jacket off, at pains to show me he carried a shoulder holster and hand gun, a most necessary accessory to be sure for drinking beer. Proudly, he displayed the badges of his effectiveness. His gun, FBI badge and can of beer and dark glasses.

The Pentagon, I am convinced, stopped the spread of Ebola in 2014 among its troops and in the USA.

If it had been up to the NSA, CIA and FBI, the USA could forget it.

Nothing has changed in 2017. It’s up to the Pentagon now to devise a strategy to deal with any bioterrorism threats. It needs to set up a unit capable of analyzing information and evaluating potential threats and recommending courses of action.

After my meeting with the FBI agent in 2009, I really began to worry and I emailed the charges to as many FBI offices wondering if that there was someone out there with half a brain, a question shared by the Russian TV crew when they interviewed me in Larisa in 2016 about biological warfare.

With all due respect to FBI head James Comey, who presides over this disastrous agency, he also is not much better in person. True, he does not go around with a can of beer. But he did, for example, identify hacking as a major problem three years ago. Yet, he is only now considering loosening the physical criteria for FBI agents to recruit computer scientists. I mean, just how much looser can the FBI recruitment criteria be made, given the minimum fitness standard of the current FBI agents waddling around with cans of beer? And yet these painfully low, physical standards are supposed to be a barrier to recruiting people to counteract hacking?

Even if Comey succeeds in recruiting techies, it will likely take them years to catch up. As for bioterrorism and biological warfare, well Bill Gates, said it all when he mocked governments for being asleep. Most FBI agents probably think Ebola is a type of African beer. If it isn’t, if it is a lethal disease, set to spread through the USA due to faulty protocols, it doesn’t interest them. It’s not in their list of duties.

I get Comey is busy, but he could at least set up a unit to identify new threats and recommend courses of action. He could change the tick box task list, which seems to be robotically followed by his moronic agents, to include new threats. He could start sending them on further education seminars, rewarding them with cases of beer and SUVs if they pass them. He could also start training at least some agents in the art of analysing information. True, he might be able to find only one in ten FBI agents capable of grasping the rules of critical thinking or forming one complete sentence. But he could further that 10%.

Just to capitulate and leave the USA at the mercy of these morons, is not on.

To be fair to the FBI, looking like a slob seems to be a badge of honour across the entire US intellgence community, in the meantime. This is shown by the twitter page of former NSA analyst John Schindler, allegedly front of the NSA. As if to advertise to the world, the NSA is really the Numbskull Sceloritic Agency, he shows a picture of himself, wearing dark glasses and holding a can of beer in a pool.

Now a beer would signal a bon vivant if there was evidence that that can of beer was relaxation from a world class performance. But when the performance is so disastrous, and Schindler is at least able to write coherently and display some features of critical thinking, then there is a really danger that can of beer comes to symbolise the self congratulatory stance of the most below par generation of intelligence operatives in US history.

Turns out the new National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had concealed payments from Russian TV and the Turkish government. Flynn is requesting immunity to testify against Trump.


Barely did Flynn and Donald Trump obtain security clearances, then four top cybersecurity officials in Russia were arrested as CIA spies.


From the testimony of the head of the NSA to Congress on the Russia probe, it seems the NSA just categorizes and lists things, according to pre determined algorithms and rules, without ever questioning whether this is sufficient.

NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers came across as a man of admirably inflexible procedure. “If the algorithm says do it this way, we do it exactly that way,” he appeared to stress with the impatient arrogance of a man is pleased he has managed to exericse enough discipline not to sip a can of beer before Congress.

“If person X is classified as a foreign intelligence agent, we collect A,B,C under rules X, Y, Z but not L, M, N (even if it becomes plain X is not a foreigh intelligence agent and L,M,N are the vital information for the security of the USA)…”

It does not seem to have crossed Admiral Roger’s mind, tidy and compartmentalized as his tidy uniform and his row of medals, that the algorithms could be faulty or inadequate for the problem at hand, any more than it dawned on the doctors and nurses of Dallas Memorial Hospital, nearly resulting them becoming engulfed in an false flag Ebola epidemic in 2014.

If Rogers does not work for the enemies of the USA, he might as well for all the protection he provides in reality.

The NSA collects, it seems, reams and reams of raw data. But it is unable to process it, to draw any useful conclusions from it let alone map out a useful strategy for dealing with the threats to US security in the 21st century whether it be installing foreign presidents and agents in the White House, bioterrorism, cyberwarfare or any other form of hybrid warfare.

Analysis of data would require the application of brains and intelligence as opposed to mechanical rules, something the Numbskull Sceloritic Agency sorely lacks.

The CIA also seems to be collectors of data with no capacity for analysis either. A secret hacking unit of about 5000 people seems to expending vast efforts in hacking every electronic device they can find. But what use is this mountain of data if there is no brain to analyse it.

A lack of any brain has also, sadly, come to characterise the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into Trump’s ties with Russia.

There are apparently thousands of pages of raw data collected by thousands of agents in the NSA and CIA, and only 7 part time staff assigned by the Senate to review it, analyze it and process it.
Those 7 part time staff will also likely have none of the intellectural skills necessary to critically evaluate the information if Admiral Mike Rogers and James Comey are anything to go by. Yet, the ANALYSIS of the raw data is the crucial intelligence operation.


My only hope now for the USA lies with the Pentagon. True, James Mattis at the Pentagon has shown in his first 100 days a lack of experience in liasing with Congress and Senate in making major military decisions. But he has likely been very much encouraged to make the military autonomous of the political insitutions by Donald Trump, who is seeking to set up a parallel administrative state to circumvent the political representatives and constitution. There is, however, hope Mattis will learn on the job.

For all its faults, the Pentagon could never afford to have FBI agents, CIA agents or NSA agents in its ranks, delivering that level of performance. These people could barely find the country designated for a military operation on a map of the world, let alone engage in a combat mission.

The Pentagon cannot afford to dispense with brains either. It cannot afford to just collect vast amounts of raw data and intelligence it does not need and can not process like the robotic NSA and CIA. The Pentago has to identify and pre select the intelligence it needs for a specific mission. For success, it needs to collect only that raw data and analyse it.

If the mission is to knock out an ISIS military base in Syria using special forces, for example, it has to focus on collecting information about that base. It cannot afford, like the NSA and CIA, to waste vast amounts of resources collecting information on every single house, farm, tree, goat and sheep in Syria that is stored in computers and is never used.

Knowing the lives of its soldiers are at a risk, the US military has to focus on all aspects of that base that are relevant to the mission, such as the number of troops, their equipment, defenses, guards, early warning systems. Since the enemy will not fax them the relevant information, the Pentagon has to use brains to analyze raw data like satellite images. Since no two bases or missions are the same, it has to work out a detailed plan, find the best point of entry and exit for that base etc.

The US military cannot afford to apply some pre determined algorithm like the NSA and CIA. Imagine the result, if the Pentagon issues some an algorithm for attacking ISIS basis such identify ISIS base, mark base with an X in red, give copies of to the soldiers, and launch an attack at the X base at 2 am by storming the gates.

Until the intelligence agencies, Senate or Congress, address their deficiences, the USA can only hope and pray the Pentagon acts as the country’s brain within the limitations of the Constitution.

I get that the NSA, FBI, CIA hope by suppressing all evidence of their incompetence, they will look competent. By now, it must be clear to them, this posturing impresses few.

The Pentagon might also be the only body to grasp the importance of ending the private Federal Reserve. America’s accelerating bankruptcy is a national security issue.

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