Went to Larisa court today and learned a prosecutor has, in the meantime, been assigned to my case, a hopeful sign.

My case is unique perhaps in as far as there is a direct paper trail linking George Soros and Alexis Tsipras to the murder attempt made against me in 2014 on account of my Ebola biological warfare journalism activities as well as to the subsequent cover ups.

Soros Tsipras

Soros together with Bill Gates, the second biggest donor to W.H.O., David Rockefeller and Ted Turner attended a secretive meeting in New York in 2009 to discuss ways of curbing the world’s population, according to The Times.

Governments around the world who want to signal that they are prepared for another big pandemic or biological terrorism attack endangering its citizens can also pressure the Greek government to see to it that I get speedy justice in my case.

One of the best and easiest ways to avert another false flag epidemic is, after all, to bring some of those responsible for the last one, the Ebola killer virus, to justice, and to protect journalists and bloggers investigating these matters in the public interest.

Greek police, justice officials, and army, as well as politicians of all parties, should also get behind Larisa prosecutors. My case is also about protecting Greece too from the next false flag pandemic, bioterrorist strike and mass vaccination campaign with dangerous and risky jabs.

Without political pressure, there will be little much chance of justice given the constant, ruthless attempts to pressure officials and pervert the course of justice.

Enlightened self interest dictates that 99.99% of the world’s population, destined to take these risky jabs under pandemic laws, should support my quest for speedy justice.

Again, I warn my readers Alexis Tsipras, George Soros as well as the powerful and corrupt Greek Orthodox Church to leave Larisa officials alone to do their job.

I’m going to be following my case like a hawk. If I get any hint of interference, I will insist that Soros, Tsipras and other higher ups are included in the investigation, charged and jailed.

As it is, I have been very reasonable and agreed to settle for only Theodekti, Theoniki, the Bishop of Volos as well as lawyers Konstantinos Christopoulos and Simos Samaras being charged, and sentenced to prison (preferably life for the main trio of culprits, the members of the clergy).




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