Wilbur Ross: Trump launched Syria missile strikes en lieu of after dinner entertainment. A new Calligula?

Donald Trump launched a missile strike against Syria, and nearly started World War Three with Russia, because he had no other after dinner entertainment, his Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has said.

Ross sat beside Trump in the ad hoc situation room in Trump’s private club in Florida and oversaw the strike, giving his comments weight.

“The thing was, it didn’t cost the President anything to have that entertainment,” Ross said at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference in California, according to Variety.


It is not clear why Ross, a former Rothschild banker and Cyprus Bank chief, who has had a long business relationship with Trump, has chosen to portray him as a Calliluga style emperior, deciding without any reflection, and on a mere whim, to cause death and destruction.

For to claim that Trump launched the missile strike because nothing else occurred to him as entertainment after his dinner and “beautiful” chocolate than a cruel and meaningless spectacle of death is to, in fact, to claim he is a weak, mindless, soulless pyschopath.

Ross’ frank comments will fuel fears that National Security Advisor H R McMaster and the Pentagon have allowed themselves to become toys of Trump and the bankers pushing a neo con war agenda for the sake of the military industrial complex.

In the last three weeks, Trump, who was elected on the platform of ending pointless foreign wars, has started nearly three world wars in Syria, Yemen and North Korea.

US troops are pouring back into Afghanistan, into Syria and into North Korea.

Trump’s authoritarian streak was once more apparent when he kicked out a journalist, who dared to question him about his allegation that Barack Obama had ordered illegal wiretaps.


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