Did the Italian on Patmos really pray all day?

A gif shows BBC Superintendent Ted Hastings taking a moment out to pray to God to give him strength.

But we do not need ever to stop praying.

On Patmos, there was an Italian who her entire day walking around the island, praying and reading her Bible, while prudently avoiding the powerful Orthodox church.

Patmos was occupied by Italians during the Italo Turkish war. Lots of Italians still have holiday homes there, and I guess this particular Italian had just decided to stay there all year around. Why not? A beautiful island.

Walking can also be a metaphor for our own life journey with its ever new challenges, opportunities for growth, for experience, with its highs and lows, difficult climbs and descents until we finally come to our limits…

One of the best known Orthodox classics describes how a Russian pilgrim spent all his time wandering around the country saying the Jesus Prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us, or on me, a sinner.”

You can read it, albeit in a pretty flowery style, here…


We can also say the Jesus Prayer anywhere in the middle of any activity, whether at work or at home, and so stay in continous contact with the energy, light and inspiration of God.

It’s a short and simple prayer, but one that has certainly helped me.

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