George Soros has come into focus in Italy for the role he may be playing in flooding the country with migrants. An article he penned argung in favour of mass migration actually copied large chunks of my own and has provided me with damning evidence that he reads my blog…

Soros Tsipras

From Zerohedge

In the past few weeks, the transport of migrants from the African shores has become a case of national importance for Italy, and is now under investigation from the prosecutor of Catania, who recently testified to the Defence Committee of the Italian Senate and will meet soon with the Superior Council of the Magistrates.

Harsh criticism of the activities of the NGOs has come from opposition parties Forza Italia, Lega Nord and even Movimento 5 Stelle, normally more neutral on immigration issues, while Prime Minister Gentiloni has opted to let the judicial system run its course.

Yet, a new element will further exacerbate the situation; George Soros, a billionaire who is incredibly active politically on both sides of the Atlantic, met in secrecy with Prime Minister Gentiloni, less than a week after the latter had commented on the NGOs activities. The meeting was not listed on the website of the Italian government as official and its timing is at the very least suspicious.

George Soros had penned multiple arguments in favour of immigration, suggesting that Europe should welcome “at least one million refugees a year” and that the EU should create EU-bonds to support attendant expenses.

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