George Soros, my avid reader, is going to love this post.

He may be widely considered one of the biggest enemies of the Greek people, deeply implicated in the attempt to start an Ebola false flag and trigger global vaccine plans with a risky vaccine. But he has, it seems, enough helpers, enough Judases, willing to take the 30 pieces of silver here in Larisa in the Orthodox Church and in the justice branch.

Anyway, Soros will be delighted to know, I suspect, that I was summoned to testify this morning at Larisa court about totally unfounded defamation charges filed by Simos Samaras (who seems, according to all the evidence, to be working for Soros and his associate Alexis Tsipras).

Meanwhile, as far as I know, Soros has never once been summoned to testify concerning his knowledge of my blog and his involvement in all the crimes against me on account of my journalism activities.

Well done, Larisa prosecutors! Show the world how just and brave you are! Earn the respect of your fellow Greeks!

The corners of Soros’ mouth may even turn upwards for a rare, split second as he reflects that criminal defamation charges carry severe prison sentences in Greece. The lawyer acting as my translator cheerfully told me when I arrived I could even have ended up in prison if I had failed to turn up. How Soros would applaud that! He should be the one in prison as the guilty one, but I could end up in prison though totaly innocent because Soros has managed to corrupt Larisa court. 

But I have more news to cheer the heart of Soros.

He will relish finding out that I nearly did not get the summons at all because it was sent to my old address.

His eyes will likely light up with a flash of satisfication when he finds out I went to a great deal of trouble to officially change my address at the court on April 4th precisely to avoid being kept out of the loop. And it didn’t do any good.

I filled out the form exactly as I was told with the case numbers I was told. To no avail.

Now, it may have been an honest mistake, and I give the investigating judge the benefit of the doubt. But Soros will relish even honest mistakes, which could lead to me being put in a Greek prison instead of him being charged for his crimes during the Ebola false flag, murder attempt against me and cover up.

Particularly pleasing to Soros may be the actions of State prosecutor Agori Papacosta, who ordered me to testify (not Soros as usual). Soros will guess, if his associate Alexis Tsipras has not told him in person, that she must know that there is no basis for any defamation charges against me since she is so involved in my case, and that Soros and Tsipras are the ones she should be ordering to testify, not me. She must know the charges are actually just mor attempts at intimidation.

After all, Papacoasta now has both my cases, both the one with all the evidence against Samaras and the one with all the evidence of the irregularites by Larisa prosecutors and police (in which she appears as one of the accused, albeit in a more minor role).

Soros may be delighted that I have to go on Monday and hand in again all the very same evidence I have already handed in and testify again.

On Tuesday, I will, then, go to talk to Papacosta herself to see if she has made any progress in investigating my case.

If not, I will ask for the file to be removed from Larisa court to an external investigator as is my right.

While Soros may find it amusing watching Larisa justice officials go about diligently following orders and the business of persecuting, trying to frame and even kill the very person who kept 100% of the Greeks from having to take the swine flu vaccine in 2009 and the ebola vaccine in 2014, few others are likely to find it quite as funny.

The epidemic vaccinaion campaigns are global on scale, after all.

But what better invitation to Soros to start the next forced vaccine campaign, flood Greece with more migrants, incite wars with Turkey and collapse the country’s economic and financial system, than watching the justice officials in Larisa falling over themselves to be complicit in plans for the destruction of their own families, country and future?

Larisa prosecutors may say, well, we are never going to take any epidemic vaccine.

They should wait until the order comes from the health ministry to take a vaccine or take indefinite unpaid leave, or until they come home, one day, to find their children or grandchildren have been given an emergency vaccine at school, or they are stopped on the motorway by police and told to prove (microchip) they have been vaccinated or to go into a special mobile clinic to take the vaccine on the spot.

Then Soros may burst out into loud laughter.

“She warned you countless times that there would be more attempts,” he may mutter in between bursts of hilarity. “And instead of stopping me as I set about trying to kill you all, you stopped her, the very person who tried to save you.”

Now, that has already happened and been a really funny twist to the whole story. Or rather it has been a really tagic twist. It is one thing to die as an innocent person, another to die as an evil crook, destined for hell. There is such a thing as hell. It’s not a nice place.

And the biggest laugh of all will be on Soros himself when he finds himself in hell together with the likes of Tsipras, Theodekti, the Bishop of Volos and one or two or more Larisa justice officials.

“But you gave me so many laughs when I was alive,” Soros may lament. “Why is it there is no one who can cheer me up down here in hell as I roast alive in hell fires, no one to give me a drop of water?”

Now, the prosecutors at Larisa will likely read this post. They can contemplate whose side they have chosen up to now and whose side they seem to continue to chose in full view of the rest of the world and of God. I know they will say, well, that is the Greek system. We get our jobs through political connections, and keeping them means pleasing politicians no matter how corrupt. But who created and sustained that system?

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