Odysseus’ alleged wanderings

A sympathetic reader has just sent in this email…


The map of Odysseus’ “wanderings”, or more precisely his alleged 10 years of irrational navigations in the Mediterranean Sea to come back home to
his Ithaca, is pretty much alike what you describe as the mental thought process of too many Greeks to get from starting point A to final destination B
when they try to address a problem!    http://www.classics.upenn.edu/myth/php/homer/index.php?page=odymap


May God curse them if they try to steal 10 years of your life for exercising your rights as a non corrupt & brave journalist!” adds the kind reader.

I think most people will have a similar opinion.  In Greece or in banking quarters, it may be possible to constantly skirt the issue of one’s own corruption and responsibility by convuluted thought processes, deference to authority etc But that does not change the objective facts of huge crimes and guilt.


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