Senators press for Trump’s tax returns, proof of illicit money?

Two Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee today brought up the subject of tax returns, with one rather explicitly invoking President Trump in doing so.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse asked FBI Director James Comey about how important tax returns are in a criminal investigation.

But it was Senator Al Franken who cut to the chase and directly brought up the president’s tax returns as they may pertain to the Russia investigation.

He asked about why the Russians preferred Trump over Clinton and whether his business interests may have anything to do with it:

“In order for us to know for certain whether President Trump would be vulnerable to that type of exploitation, we would have to understand his financial situation. We’d have to know whether he has money tied up in Russia o obligations to Russian entities, do you agree?”

Comey responded, “I don’t know.”

Strange. George Soros’s ally David Brock considers Trump’s tax returns so important, he has offered a 5 million dollar reward for a copy.

There is so much evidence in the public arena that Trump is running a money laundering scheme, making him vulnerable to blackmail to oligarchs, and that his tax returns may offer clues.

These oligarchs may not be necessarily be Russian or connected with Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. In fact, this blog has argued Putin is more likely to view Trump’s neo con oligarchs, with apparent links to the Rothschilds, as a problem for him. I have, in fact, argued Trump is actually the puppet of the British freemasons based around the Rothschilds, who are, according to well placed business sources, engaged in a fierce turf war with America freemasons over who will lead the any New World Order.

Meantime, it can t be ruled out that Soros himself has managed to obtain a copy of Trump’s tax returns, opening the door to blackmailing him.

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