Well, George Soros and his puppets in Greece moved immediately to silence me by imprisoning me under false pretext after I posted an article suggesting Jared Kushner had links to Russia. In the meantime, it seems Kushner has financial ties to both Soros and Russian oligarchs.

Interesting is that Simos Samaras filed charges against me on 16th February one day after my blog post  about Kushner and the Russians and that blog post is the main focus of his complaint. A few days later, 24th February, a deputy police chief in Larisa accused me falsely of violating Article 232 and a court judgment, setting in motion a train of events which nearly led to my false imprisonment and likely, unnatural death.


 I have just sent these paragraphs off for translation to be ready for my testimony tomorrow.

Must put text together and collect all the evidence.

More soon.


I was falsely accused by Larisa police officer Giorogos Vasileous on 24th February 2017 of violating 232A of the penal code on the basis of the false evidence delievered by Simos Samaras on 16th February.

Vasileous leaves out all details of the judgment I am accused of violating. I allege he has done this precisely to conceal the fact that I have not violated any court judgment.

Also, article 232 refers to the concealment of a crime.

Nowhere in the accustion is there any reference to any crime I have committed. Article 232, therefore, cannot be applied to this case. Since there has been no crime committed by me, in the first place, there is no crime to be concealed or to be uncovered.

First of all, the accusation of Simos Sarmas refers to a civil lawsuit. It refers to a judgement XX on a temporary injunction delivered by Judge Phonete Karinikola on November 16th in the civil court.

If I have violated a civil lawsuit judgment, which I have not, it would be a civil matter, not a criminal one.

Second, the civil judgment instructed me to remove a list of blog posts for 30 days and I did so. There has been no other judgement since. Therefore, I complied with the civil law judgement.

Simos Samaras has produced no evidence that I did not comply with the injunction in the form of screenshots showing that the blog posts were not taken down with the time and date etc. That is because I did take down all the blog posts immediately.

Simos Samaras asked me on February 6th 2017 to take down a much longer list of blog posts, which prove the corruption of Larisa police officers and prosecutor and many others even though they do not mention of him. But this request, while revealing who he really works for, has no legal force. It was not a court judgment. My lawyer Eleni Matraki told me that I could ignore his request as it had no force of law behind it.

Third, this civil lawsuit was a temporary injunction lasting 30 days. I checked with my lawyer Eleni Matraki. She confirmed in an email to me that the time period covered by the injunction was 30 days. (Evidence 1) Simos Samaras did not file for a permanent injunction to replace the temporary injunction when it expired. This, precisely because he knew that he could not win it.

Fourth, the judgment of the temporary judgment was so flawed and irregular that I was able to testify against the judge on November 2017. Judge Karinokla says in her judgment I lied and knew that I lied about Simos Samaras but provides absolutely no evidence, arguments or proofs that I had lied, let alone did so maliciously, and so was guilty under article 363 of defamation. She ignored the requirements of the article altogether even though I explicitly stated it in my civil lawsuit.

Instead, she ignored all the proofs and evidence I had supplied that Simos Samaras is part of a network guilty of serious crimes against me.

As a result of her flagrant violation of her duties, I accused her of misusing the defamation laws to try to crush my right to freedom of the press and to expose of the crimes of Simos Samaras as well as Larisa police and prosecutors. On the basis of the laws and facts, she must be condemned. She has no defense under law 363.

I have firm evidence that Simos Samaras hacked my blog. I supplied screenshots to the court when I gave testimony and have put them on my blog but Samaras has suppressed the evidence.

The hacking occurred one hour after I received the flawed judgment. I blacked out the name of Simos Samaras before uploading the judgment as the screenshot shows. That fact clearly proves that I complied with the judgment, even though it was flawed immediately. I uploaded the judgment to prove that and that the judge Karinokola had accused me of lying with no proof whatsoever. I am entitled to put up evidence of her crimes on the internet.

It is not possible for me to have arranged to hack my own computer in one week, let alone one hour, even if I had a criminal intent and mind and an army of computer hackers. Simos Samaras’s claim that I pretended to be hacked because I was angry that he won is absurd. He did not win. He lost the case according to every law and fact and I uploaded the judgment to prove that.

It is a fact that Simos Samaras tried to misuse an invalid judgment, which would not be recognized in any proper court of law because there is no proof I lied, to hack my computer as well as ask for information about my private bank account. In this context, the legal judgment is “fake” as I put in quotation marks and I am entitled to say so.

Simos Samaras says I did not have permission to put up my testimony to the investigative judge in November. But the court gave me a copy of my testimony for my personal use and left it free to me to interpret what that might be. I put up my testimony as a matter of exceptional public interest and in order to prevent an ongoing crime.

As you may know, the US intelligence community, FBI, Senate and House intelligence committees are investigating the links between Donald Trump and his aides and Russia. My report focuses on the information a journalist working for Russian state TV, when I gave an interview in Larisa in June 2016 on biological warfare, and is, therefore, a matter of interest for US investigators. The journalist called Sasha told me Russian and Kazahkstan intelligence services follow my blog, something he could not have known unless he had contact with them or was a member of those services. In fact, the names I mentioned have since proven to be at the core of a secret network linked to Russian intelligence and money. Jared Kushner has become a key suspect or figure in that investigation.

Why does Simos Samaras want me to hide evidence from the US intelligence community concerning such a serious matter?

Article 232, after all, sates it is a crime to conceal a crime. So, if I have evidence of a crime, of possibly illegal or secret contacts between Trump’s team and Russian intelligence officers, I am obliged to report it, which I did, with appropriate court documents.
Simos Samaras denies that I ever saw Konstantinos Christopoulos in the office with him. He is contradicting his own earlier testimony. In his first civil lawsuit filed in XX, he Simos Samaras admitted that I found him in the office with Christopoulos but denied that he was giving Christopoulos orders. By saying now, he was never in the office, Samaras contradicts himself and shows he is a liar. In fact, Samaras knows that Christopoulos has already admitted in writing that Theodekti tried to bribe him through Theoktisti in April 2015 to cover up her murder attempt. Caught in the act, giving Christopoulos instructions, he has now decided to change his story and lie outright, even though he knows he is contradicting his earlier testimony.

What motive would I have to lie about Simos Samaras? I never met him before I saw him in the office with Christopoulos. I had never heard of him. I have no motive to lie about the meeting. Samaras, meanwhile, has every motive to lie and he has verifiably now lied.

Furthermore, it is a fact that Simos Samaras called Konstantinos Christopoulos to act as his witness in his first civil defamation lawsuit, suggesting their close working relationship. It is also a fact that I saw Theoktisti come out of the judge’s office with Theodekti and Simos Samaras and Christopoulos when Theodekti testified as Simos Samaras’s witness. Theodekti’s witness statement includes a statement by Theoktisti without Theoktisti’s signature. How can the judge have accepted the statement of Theoktisti if she was not in the office?

I allege the network accused of serious crimes has decided to try to frame me for a crime I did not commit by using Simos Samaras as their front man.

Suppressing evidence and telling verifiable lies, he has charged me falsely and maliciously.
Too conclude, Simos Samaras supplies no evidence for any of his allegations. He provides no screen shots or other proof that I did not remove the blog posts for 30 days. He provides no proof that I did lie about his actions. He supplies no valid reference to evidence in his statement. At the end, he gives a list of document consisting mostly of links often to other websites that I have nothing to do with.
The police officer XX has no proof I violated 232 as he states.He cannot accuse me falsely of a crime when he has no proof I committed it.

Prosecutor Agori Papacosta, who is in charge of cases XX and XX, has in her possession all the evidence of the guilt of Karinikola and Simos Samaras.

Papacosta was informed of my change of address in April 2017. I filled out the official document with the help of a lawyer following the exact instructions of the secretaries. They told me I was not allowed to put in the change of address referred to all my cases. I had to name each specific case. They told me the only cases I had were XX and XX. I was not told about this case although it was sent to Larisa prosecutors on February 16th.

Papacosta allowed the judge to send the summons to my old address. It was only by change that I was told about the summons by my former landlady the evening before I was due to testify.

If I had not found out about the summons, Papacosta could have sent an order for me to testify, also to the wrong address. If I did not reply because I did not get it, she could have put my case before a judge, who could have sentenced me to jail. I could have been arrested. I allege that was the plan. The plan was for me not to find out about this other case or to be able to defend myself. That is why Simos Samaras felt free to lie in his testimony and suppress evidence. He knew he would get the help of other prosecutors in Larisa, facing like him, long jail sentences and with a motive to silence me by any means available to them.

I allege the plan was not just to find a pretext to arrest me without warning but to have me killed in prison to permanently silence a witness of their serious crimes as well as the crimes of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras.

I note that Theodekti lost the civil defamation case in Munster. She lost after she failed to be able to prove to the court her key witness was authentic.

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