I have to collect all the evidence, get translations done and be at the court tomorrow at 10 am to president the facts to the investigating judge to avoid criminal defamation charges brought by Simos Samaras, who seems to be the surrogate of George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and the corrupt Larisa judges, and who is even more brazen under Donald Trump. Criminal defamation charges can mean prison and crushing fines. 

“The Greek Criminal Code maintains provisions on insult (Art. 361), defamation (Art. 362), malicious defamation (Art. 363) and defamation of a corporation (Art. 364). All are punishable with imprisonment, although sentences are usually converted into fines according to Greek criminal law.

Criminal provisions continue to be actively applied against journalists. In March 2015, a court sentenced investigative journalist Kostas Vaxevanis to 26 months in prison, suspended for three years, over an article that analysed a prominent businessman’s alleged involvement in the 2012 to 2013 Cypriot financial crisis. Notably, that sentence contradicted the European Court of Human Rights’s 2014 decision Mika v. Greece, in which the court found that even a suspended prison sentence for defamation was disproportionate and therefore constituted a violation of freedom of expression.”

The more I find out about the fake charges, based on lies and suppression of evidence, the more everything points to a set up by Larisa prosecutor Agori Papacosta, presumably on the instructions of her superiors.

Papacosta has both my cases, the one against the original culprits, George Soros, Alexis Tsipras, Theodekti and the Bishop of Volos, the corrupt police and lawyers, including Simos Samaras as well as the one documenting beyond a shadow of a doubt the corruption Larisa justice officials, even though she is accused in one. It is to be expected knows all about my case.

The whole trick set in motion by Papacosta depended on me not being aware of the existence of the criminal charges of Simos Samaras in the first place, and so missing the chance to present the counter evidence, all of which is in the possession of Papacosta.

If I had not obtained the instruction to testify, which was sent on May 2nd to my old address as a piece of flimsy paper stuck with cellotape to a door, Papacosta could have sent a summons, and to the same wrong address ensuring I missed my last chance to present evidence.

Note, I had gone to great lengths to change my address for all my cases and followed all the instructions I had been given and a lawyer wrote the official document with the court stamp. Papacosta must have been aware of my change of address. Incidentally, I may even have moved into the same block as an other accused prosecutor Christina Fasoula, ally of Papacosta. At least, I noticed, the name Christina Fasoula is among the residents, although it could be another person.

Technically, after my failure to testify , Papacosta could, then, have sent my case to a judge who could have sentenced me to several years in prison under punitive defamation charges and issued a warrant for my arrest.

In 2016, the Greek parliament eased the country’s defamation penalties, which have been used to suppress freedom of the press. But these still remain draconian.

I could have been arrested anytime at night at home or walking down the street and put in jail. I am certain I would not have come out of prison in Greece alive.

So we are talking about another de facto murder attempt.

Anyway I am now withdrawing my offer to the Larisa prosecutors to drop charges against them in return for the prosecution of the minor fish in the original crime.

I am going to insist my cases are transferred to an external prosecutor and insist too that Tsipras and Soros are investigated.

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