Trump’s firing of Comey is his most unpredictable and dangerous act yet

Trump has been calling for Senator Richard Blumenthal to be investigated for committing one of the “greatest military frauds in U S history” by not telling the truth about his Vietnam war record in a new twitter outburst.

But much of the USA must surely now be wondering if Trump is not committing one of the greatest military frauds in US history by working as a Russian double agent. Certainly, firing James Comey in the middle of his Russia probe gives the impression of a man desperate to cover his tracks ever ready to ransack US institutions to accomplish his goals.

From CNN

What Trump is doing here is not simply unpredictable. It is potentially very dangerous.
Removing the person charged with overseeing an investigation into a foreign country attempting to influence US elections by hurting one candidate (Clinton) and helping another (Trump) sends a chilling message up and down the federal bureaucracy — not to mention the populace.

Even if Trump’s decision to get rid of Comey had absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing Russia investigation, it looks very, very bad. It looks — to anyone paying attention — like Trump got rid of someone who he didn’t think would come to a conclusion he liked regarding Russia. Or that, more generally, that no one — not even an FBI director in the middle of his 10-year term — is safe from Trump’s whims.

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