What spelling mistakes can give away…

Does the fact that Donald Trump mispelled the word judgment in the same way that I do prove he reads my blog? No. It’s a common spelling mistake.

Very different is the spelling mistake of Alexis Tsipras. He copied an error that I am virtually unique in making in spelling the surname of the former Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann. I add an extra “n” as in Faynmann.

Here is Tsipras’s spelling in Greek letters with the extra “n”.



Damming is that Tsipras’ in his first tweet spelled Faymann correctly in Greek letters. That proves he introduced the rare spelling mistake after his visit to Faymann in Vienna in 2015.

Note, the twitter account of Alexis Tsipras has exactly the same number of tweets, followers and favourites in February 2015 as in October 2015 when Faymann visited the Greek islands with Tsipras.



Anyway, I have to take a break from the blog to get the new charges against state prosecutor Agori Papacosta and police officer Giorgos Vasileos ready.

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