Donald Trump’s new head of the FDA Scott Gottlieb was involved in the United States defense planning for a bird flu epidemic while serving at the FDA earlier in his career, raising questions about his role in the formulating what seem to be very flawed epidemic and pandemic plans indeed.

Gottlieb recused himself from the biodefense planning because of a conflict of interest arising from the fact that he did consulting work with companies that manufactured products to fight the bird flu, and so would profit from a bird flu outbreak.

Gottlieb has also collected speaking and consulting fees from Baxter, the company that contaminated 72 kilos of the seasonal flu virus with the deadly bird flu virus in its facilities in Austria in 2009. It sent the material out to labs in neighbouring countries, nearly sparking a global bird flu pandemic and a global mass vaccination campaign.

The Baxter facility used strict biosecurity level 3 procedures for handling the bird flu virus making an accidental contamination and release virtualy impossible.

The Austrian Ministry of Health confirmed in a letter in May 2009 that the state prosecutors were investigating Baxter after I filed charges against them for deliberately seeking to start a pandemic for their profit.

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When an epidemic emergency is declared by WHO, experimental and relatively untested vaccines can be given to the public with pharmaceutical companies enjoying immunity in the event of damage. Standard, effective and safer epidemic measures such as quarantine, isolation and contact tracing, as well as appropriate protective gear, by contrast, do not feature prominently in these plans.

There are, however, so many gaps in knowledge concerning the Merck Ebola vaccine that it has not managed to obtain a license from any regulatory authority even under emergency regulations other than by WHO.

The appointment of Gottlieb as head of the FDA could see the risky Ebola vaccine approved for USA given that Gottlieb has floated the idea of abandoning the need for any clinical data before “breakthrough” drugs are approved.

Here we have it already, the first of no doubt many new attempts to start an Ebola epidemic in the Congo. But what do the Soros and Tsipras prosecutors at Larisa or the Areios Pagos care? It looks like for as little as the promise of 100 or so euros, they are ready to betray everyone?

A big cultural difference between Austria and Greece there.

More info on Gottlieb…

Gottlieb’s ties to the pharmaceutical industry became a bit of an issue when he previously worked at the Food and Drug Administration. For instance, in 2005, he recused himself from the planning of the United States’ response to a bird flu epidemic because he had in the past done consulting work for companies whose products may be used to combat the bird flu, according to

He was also as a member of the White House Biodefense Interagency Working Group, which was convened after the September 11 attacks to help draft a strategic plan for the development of U.S. biodefense countermeasures. While working for the FDA, Gottlieb had to recuse himself from working on planning for a possible bird flu because he had done consulting work for companies whose products may be used to combat the bird flu.[9] Before becoming the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner, Gottlieb served as a senior advisor to the FDA Commissioner and as the FDA’s Director of Medical Policy Development.[10]

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