Non compos mentis Trump?

Donald Trump just now tweeted angrily that he asked James Comey and other members of the Intelligence Community to find the “LEAKERS”.

Trump’s appeal to find the leakers came after Trump himself just admitted leaking highly classified information to Russians, a leak which some experts say is the most serious ever  in the history of the USA…

It is becoming very clear Trump is non compos mentis, nothing follows logically in his thinking.

First, he sent his officials out to deny he leaked classified information, then he admitted he leaked the information, but claimed he had a right to do so, only to accuse  FBI Director James Comey angrily of not doing enough to find the leakers after he himself fired Comey for Comey’s investigation into the very Russians Trump is leaking to…

The fact that the Russian oligarchs can deal with deranged Trump shows they must also be on some level non compos.

Certainly, the bizarre English in the Facebook post of the Russian FoMin spokeswoman Marina Zakharova strongly suggests the notion of someone living in “fairy” land.


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