Russian FoMin spokeswoman delights us with her English, explains “Scoop” between “lavrov and trump” was “to inject another fairy thoroughness”, her Facebook post is a timely reminder the Ruskies are on par with Trump in brainpower

Donald Trump has given the world a great deal of amusement with his spelling mistakes. Now, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova is aspiring to surpass Trump, or “trump” as she calls him, and make not just every sentence, but every single word she writes in English funny.

Marina has given her version with “fairy thoroughness and accuracy” of the meeting between “lavrov and trump.”

Read Marina’s ambitious attempt to entertain us with English spelling mistakes can be found on Zerohedge.

“Just a reminder that 11 may I warned: American media in a couple days, apparently planned to issue “Scoop” about meeting lavrov and trump. True, the idea was to and yet to be to paint her equally “Secret” Photos from the past meeting that was supposed to inject another fairy thoroughness and accuracy. But this part of the plan information campaign we ruined by posting pictures of you so, as required by all the laws of professional ethics.
How to live in this volatile global information?” she asks, bravely omitting a noun like “environment”, which might make sense of her very poetic phrase “volatile global information.”

Indeed, Marina, that is a question lots of us are also asking ourselves as we find your Russian puppet in the Oval office and your Russian photographer the only ones allowed in.

Believe me, this “volatile global information” environment is soon going to become very calm indeed when your Russian puppet “trump” is put behind bars and international arrest warrants are issued for the likes of you, too.

Cunning is not the same as intelligence.

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