The disaster that is Donald Trump, a marionette of the Russians, has re opened the door to a political comeback for crooked Hilary Clinton and her backer George Soros, who is now making huge stock market bets on the speedy end of Trump’s presidency.

Soros linked organizations like Ecowas played a key role in the 2014 Ebola false flag. Soros is also a proven copier of my blog, allowing me to charge him in Larisa in November 2016 for being behind the attempts to silence me.

Barely was Trump in office than my situation actually deteriorated in a red alert sign that Trump and his Russian faction don’t want a blogger covering biological warfare either. The latest attempt to arrest me under false pretenses is, in fact, directly linked back to Trump’s team, albeit using Soros’ government network in Greece.

That underlines that Trump’s Russian backers and the George Soros and Bill Gates faction are on the same page when it comes to pushing the agenda of covert biological warfare.

However, it is not clear how much these two competing factions are engaged in tricking each other, creating a volatile situation.

Trump should resign and take with him the entire crew of Russian wreckers, including Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin and Betsy DeVos, and help transition to a government that carries out his campaign promises.

Cancelling private and federal debts on a vast scale and issuing treasury bills to bring debt free money into circulation in the real economy other than through private banks and mortgages is the sine qua non for rebooting the financial system and economy. The new housing bubble will burst but that would be a good thing. It is time for houses to reflect their real value rather than their value inflated by fair value accounting and fuelled by the mortgage bubble of private banks.

And Trump should pick up the phone and use US government pressure to get my case back on track immediately since he and his team are so deeply implicated in it now.

The Russians should realize too they have been too clever by half. Installing idiot Trump as president to take down the USA while thinking the Americans would not notice he is a Russian puppet shows that the Ruskies live in fantasy land.

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