On 27 May 2017, no new confirmed or probable EVD cases were reported and six new suspected cases were reported, all originating from Likati Health Zone. On 27 May thirty cases previously reported as suspected cases have now been re-classified as ‘not a case’ following laboratory analysis. The last confirmed case was reported on 11 May 2017. Following further investigation, one previously reported suspect case has been reclassified as probable by the field epidemiology team in Likati, based on the current case definitions.

Currently there are a total of two confirmed cases, four probable and 16 suspected cases. The confirmed and probable cases were reported from Nambwa (one confirmed and three probable) and Muma (one confirmed and one probable). The suspected cases have been reported from seven health areas (Nambwa, Muma, Ngayi, Azande, Ngabatala, Mobenge and Mabongo). The outbreak currently remains confined to Likati Health Zone. As of 27 May, 357 contacts are being followed up for signs and symptoms of Ebola.

Based on limited available data on confirmed and probable cases, modelling suggests the risk of further cases is low, and decreases with each day without new confirmed/probable cases. As of the reporting date, 76% of simulated scenarios predict no further cases in the next 30 days.


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