A disastrous result for the Brexit Tories in the general election means that the door is now open for Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson to become the next Prime Minister, precisely the scenario this blog warned against last year.

Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 52 to formally leave the EU, the UK still does not seem to have a coherent strategy, increasing the risk of Brexit becoming an economical and political disaster.

An unstable, impoverished UK is also not in the interest of European countries, who have trade ties with the UK.

May has played a key role in making this scenario the one most likely just one year after the Brexit referendum by, first, making Boris Johnson the foreign minister, and so positioning him to take over from her if she resigns.

Her decision to give Johnson, a man without credibility, widely considered to have gained his position only through his membership of the old boy’s network (the Bullingdon Club), the number two job while sidelining committed and competent Brexiteers like Michael Gove was not politically necessary in 2016, and caused a shock.

Secondly, she has squandered the momentum of the Brexit referendum in useless, irrelevant and bizarre legal actions at the High Court and a mud slinging match with Brussels.

As a result of these misguided efforts, the UK still seems to have no clear and practical strategy to capitalize on a Brexit even though May has now triggered Article 52 and the clock is running down.

Thirdly, she has pressed neo liberal, bankster economic policies, alienating the UK electorate, including sealing what seems to be a disastrous trade deal with China.

Fourthly, she failed to address the now burning issue about whether the UK elections could be influenced or hacked by installing new safeguards against voter fraud.

It is certainly very difficult to account for the huge gap between the last polls and the actual results if you assume the elections were honest even given proportional representation.

Finally, she called a snap election with a 24% poll lead and somehow managed to whittle that lead down to  just 1% at one point by conducting such an anaemic, neo con style election campaign.

Is May just incompetent or is she willing piece in a chess game designed to buy time and install a leadership in Downing Street which will make the UK regret Brexit?

Johnson seems to be a Globalist eugenicist, who used the Foreign Office resources not so much to promote good trade deals but to promote key figures in the Globalist agenda, specifically Dr David Navarro, involved in epidemic false flags,  for the head of WHO.

Tellingly, Theresa May also promoted Nabarro for the top job along with her Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

“The British Foreign Office is supporting his appointment financially and politically, while the prime minister, Theresa May, praised his leadership skills and said she had “no doubt at all” that he was the best person for the job. Nabarro also has the backing of the development secretary, Priti Patel, England’s chief medical officer, Sally Davies, and the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

May also kept Boris Johnson’s neoliberal brother Jo Johnson a minister, allowing him to start an assault on the independence of the UK’s higher education institutions.

Corbyn is advised by Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister, who nearly eviscerated the Greek economy during bailout talks by a secret plan.

The plan developed by figures such as James Galbraith involved issuing IOUs and putting the army on the streets of Greece instead of implementing a more sensible German plan backed by the rest of Europe to introduce the Drachma for five years with balance of payments support.

From Tovima

As revealed in the new book, the former Finance Minister’s plan b (or ‘Plan X’ as he is said to have called it) involved banks in Greece remaining closed indefinitely, while wages and pensions would be paid with IOUs. The US economist also claimed that there was high secrecy over the plan, which even involved hiding cell phones in hotel refrigerators.

During the transition from the euro to the ‘new drachma’, the Ministers of National Defense and Interior would be tasked with maintaining order and it would be necessary to save fuel. Additionally civil servants in important public organizations (such as schools, hospitals and security forces) would be mobilized. The Prime Minister would then make an announcement on introducing the new currency.

At any rate, the Uk now faces a Brexit disaster under the leadership of an incompetent or complicit May or Globalist insiders Johnson or Corbyn.

Potentially good candidates like Amber Rudd and David Davies, even if they do become leader, now face having to push through a constructive Brexit without a majority when May has triggered Article 52 to leave the EU and the clock running down, massively increasing the pressure on the UK to accept a very poor deal or no deal.

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