I am going to ask for my case to be transferred to the Austrian police following the latest scandal at Larisa court.

My email to the Areios Pagos President, accusing her of being complicit in the corruption. The text explains the following invitation from Larisa police to testify about only three corrupt justice officials.



Dear Vasiliki Thanou,

I am writing to you to ask you to transfer my cases E 16 162 and Lambda 16 162 to the Austrian police.

The reason is that you have once more allowed a state prosecutor , specifically Larisa prosecutor Dimitra Papachristou, you know on the basis of information I have given to you to have been accused of serious crimes against me  to take over the investigation of both my above cases in a flagrant violation o fthe law , according to information I obtained from Larisa court today.  Papachristou  ordered on 03.05.2017, after she was formally accused by me on 2.12.2017 me to be questioned by Larisa police on 14.06.2017, concerning a new case E 16 861a, which is not the case I testified on in violation of my right to give evidence concerning crimes committed against me. Case E 861 a focuses only on three of  justice officials accused by me on the basis of evidence in Lamda 16 162. It excludes Papachristou herself in clear evidence of bias on her part. In short, I am not being an opportunity by Papachritou to testify to the police about Papachristou’s crimes in a substantial violation of procedure.

Furthermore, top Larisa police officers as well as the officials at the Ministery of Interior are also accused of perversion of justice. That means that Larisa police should not be allowed carry out an investigation into my case since it involves a network of their own police as well as prosecutors. It cannot be expected that the Larisa police will conduct a serious or fair investigation of their own superiors under the orders and supervision of those superiors.

I have sent you emails about my case and handed in documents directly at your office in the Areios Pagos since spring 2016 so you cannot say you are ignroant about my case. As president of the Areios Pagos, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that this information is processed and all the prosecutors and justice officials in Greece adhere to procedures in my case. In spite of being informed by me in detail of the violations, you have, however, allowed violations to be repeated over and over again to my significant disadvantage. After the case has been returned for the third time to Papachristou in spite of evidence of all her crimes, your inaction can no longer be explained by incompetence. Your actions are purposeful, deliberate and designed to deny me justice.

Your motive is clear. You thank your position to your links to Alexis Tsipras and Syriza and you wish to please your political benefactor Alexis Tsipras, who is one of the  accused in case XX of being the main orchestrator of the murder attempt in April 2015 against me on account of my journalism activities and the subsequent cover ups.

I remind you that the British police were allowed to come to Greece in 2016 to investigate the death of British citizen Ben Needham.  I will apply under the same laws for Austrian police and prosecutors to be allowed to investigate my case, citing the danger to my life that you and your police and prosecutors pose on the basis of the facts, documents and evidence over the past two years. I allege that  the danger to me is increasing every time you fail to use the empty forms of law to cover an illegal attempt to forcibly confine me or to  have me imprisoned by making false accusations. I allege you too, the highest instances of the law in Greece, will also go so far as are to allow police and prosecutors in Larisa to kill me or allow others to kill me  (whether by shooting, car accident) and cover  upthat murder in order to silence a witness of the crimes of Tsipras, George Soros and others and you too.

To protect my life and to obtain my right to justice under the Greek and European law, I formally request that you transfer my file to the Austrian authorities. I will separately make the request to various bodies in Austria and Europe since it is clear there is  no  prospect of an independent investigation of my case more in Greece since all justice officials answer to you.

I will urge Austrian police to investigate especially the hacking of my computer during the announcement of the results of the  Austrian Presidential elections in November using the pretext of an illegal temporary civil defamation injunction. I have verifiable proof that my computer was hacked when I tried to post the results in real time. Furthermore, I have verifiable proof that when I was able to post again, the results had been reversed, ie, the election was stolen and with the assistance of Greek justice officials. This is a very serious matter.

The crimes I accuse you  of in this email are very serious but based on emails, documents and facts, as I am sure, you are aware. I do not know to what extent Larisa prosecutors who are questioned by an independent body might even personally implicate you in giving them orders to cover up my case whether by phone call or other means. But I believe this is an area that needs to be examined given your knowledge of and approval of the repeated and substantial violations of procedure to my disadvantage.

I look forward to your speedy answer as to when you will transfer my case to the Austrian police. If there are any special forms I have to fill out, then I request you send it to me or give me as soon as possible.

To conclude, I request that ithe Austrian plice take over my case as an Austrian citizen who is a victim of crimes committed by Greek citiizens against me in Greece and of a cover up by Greek police and justic eofficials, including you. Since you are also now directly implicated in the cover up as the highest instances of the law in Greece,  you are now also not allowed under Greek law to handle my case.  The Areios Pagos’chief criminal prosecutor Xenia Dimitriadou is also implicated in the crimes against me. I will ask the police to inclued you in the investigation.

And before you try to accuse me of being a “Nazi” or a German who has malevolent movites towards Greece, may I remind you that my information about the swine flu vaccine in 2009 benefitted the Greek people as much as the Austrian people.  This case is not a question fo Austrian or Swiss or Irish against the Greeks. It is a question of an honest journalist against corrupt politicians and their complicit justice officials, of truth against lies.

Thank you in advance for your reply to my email.

For you not to reply will be taken as a further sign of your guilt you must be aware.

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