Oh, dear…Sun stroke in Larisa…

As I prepare to give my testimony about Larisa prosecutors; corruption to police tomorrow at their natty new building in Neapoli, I have come across a minor detail, a tiny problem…

Two of the three Larisa justice officials I am supposed to testify about are not, I repeat, not, among the major accused in my court testimony or in my many charges.

That is rather surprising. There are so many top Larisa prosecutors accused, and on the basis of solid evidence, that you would think that finding two who have only minor roles would be impossible. Yet, the many accused prosecutors have, indeed, searched far and wide and managed to find two officials, Marianna Bei and Andra Ziouna, with only marginal roles in my case, to direct the interrogation towards tomorrow….

My testimony tomorrow against these two will be, moreover rather hampered by the fact that do I know what I am supposed to have accused them of on 2nd December 2012, as the police note states, since I gave no testimony at court on that date.

The third person I am going to be questioned about, according to Larisa court officials, is former president Alexander Oekonomou. Now, Oekonomou did apparently have a major role in the cover ups in my case etc. I also met Oekomonou in person at least four times. But he  has since been promoted to a top position in Athens court, strongly suggesting the notion that the more evidence I have of his crimes, the more likely he is to go to the very top, indeed, become the next president of the Supreme Court under Alex Tsipras.

It is hard for me to know what to make of all this. It looks like prosecutors must be hoping I have had a frontal lobotomy or sun stroke or something. Only drastic brain surgery  or mental impairment would explain how I could fail to notice that the main culprits have been left out of the police interrogation, tomorrow, and that I am going to be asked to answer questions about a testimony I never gave on 2nd December 2016 for a strange new case E 16 861 a.

Now, Larisa is very, very hot in summer, one of the hottest places in Greece, in fact. But not that hot that the human brain cease to function altogether. Maybe some Larisa prosecutors have spent too long working in their gardens or lying on the beach for them to think that this trickery is going to pass for a proper procedure instead of exposing them to more charges???

If that is the case, I would like to gently suggest to any Larisa prosecutors afflicted with sun stroke or any other mental impairment caused by the excessive heat, that they take a good rest in a place with plenty of shade, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of good food rich in vitamins and proteins to get their immune system back in action.

When and if they get their minds back working again, they will realize the game is up. They are facing years in jail, possibly even in Austria, under the European Arrest Warrant system.

Readers of this blog will know that the Greek Interior Ministry  have been caught inventing a fake person to direct the original investigation into the sand.


A Larisa police officer Evangelos Toutounas, named in the above letter, also mentioned this fake person “Th. Vallianatou” as the main culprit in a handwritten note, which seems to constitute the main record of the official police investigation.

He directed the investigation to the wrong monastery as well.


All of this with the knowledge of the state prosecutors and my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos, who later admitted that the culprits tried to bribe him to cover up the murder attempt on April 27th 2015 while I was actually sitting with him in a bank making my travel arrangements. After I left Greece, they did succeed in bribing him and all my original police charges and evidence was disappeared.


When I found out about all this and started putting evidence on my blog, I was summoned several times to the same police station in Neapoli and methods of intimidation were applied to try to persuade me to take the evidence down, which I refused to do.

After I collected all the evidence and filed charges on February 12 2016,  my case was sent to the Areios Pagos, underlining that then president Alexander Oekonomou does look to the higher authorities for his instructions.


But  the same cover up started again under prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou and with Larisa prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou this time in charge and for sure, acting with the approval of Oekonomou.

This appears to be a new, creative variation on the same theme in as far as two of the three people do exist but they are not the major accused.

True, I sent an email to the Areios Pagos President Vasiliki Thanou on December 6th 2016 with charges against Oekonomou, Bei and Ziouna and Phonete Karanikola, the wife of Oekonomou.

The charges sent by email and evidence are here…

Mήνυση Jane Burgermeister Areios Pagos


I also sent evidence in the form of a copy of a letter from prosecutor Christina Fasoula on February 16th 2016 asking to resign from my highly irregular case, addressed to the Oekonomou, Bei and Ziouna. The letter proves that all three had knowledge or should have had knowledge of the irregularities in my case very early on. I can, therefore, prove all three are guilty of dereliction of duty or breach of duty of care and so allowed serious and repeated breaches of procedure to my disadvantage.

Strangely enough, Karanikola does not appear to be among those I am to be questioned about tomorrow, according to Larisa secretaries who looked up my case in the computer.

Anyway, I will point these little details out to police tomorrow and also mention the little  fact that prosecutor Papachristou actually is one of the accused and therefore not allowed to handle my case or order questioning excluding herself.

If the police refuse to take my statement that the questioning is a breach of procedures and if they refuse to accept my formal request for my case to be given to the Austrian police, I will not sign anything at the police station at all. I will hand in a statement later.

Guess what. I am not putting my signature to a trick questioning session designed to make it appear like the police are investigating their own crimes and the crimes of Larisa prosecutors when they plainly are not investigating the main culprits.


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