Larisa police chief implicated in cover up has also been promoted…My trip to the police station today goes smoothly, one more step…

Well, I managed to give my statement to Larisa police today about Alexander Oekonomou, Marianna Bei, Andrea Zourni, and evidence, which I actually did file on December 2 2016 at Larisa court, but as part of my main case Lambda 16 162. 

Irregularly, this new evidence was separated from the main case and given a new number by one of the accused in the main case, state prosecutor Dimitra Papachristou, who conveniently excluded herself and most of the other main culprits from the investigation by this sleight of hand.

Of course, there was no sign I was going to be questioned about my main case Lambda 16 162, or that anyone else was going to be questioned as part of this new case. Even though I have paid the fee to become a party about ten times, I have to pay it again to become a party to the new case too.

I also formally asked for the Austrian police to take over my case because of the never ending irregularities. The police officer was very professional and pleasant and accepted all my statements.

While I was there, I found out that one of the main accused, the deputy commandant of Larisa police, Asterios Mantziokas has been promoted and sent to a new job in Lamia. The president of Larisa court Alexander Oekonomou has also been since been promoted to President of the First Instance Court of Athens, a major job. There seems to be a pattern emerging here…

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