Huge developments around the world with Trump tweeting he is under investigation for obstruction of justice. But I have to focus on my own case to avoid being taken under by devoted readers George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and their criminal associates in Greece, not to mention another potentially devoted reader Vladimir Putin.

When the Russian journalists came to interview me around this time, last year, I did not understand the extent to which the Russian media is under the direct control of the Kremlin and Putin. I also didn’t realize their trip coincided with an outbreak of bubonic plague in Russia.

That would explain why the Rossija journalist kept questioning me about my thoughts on the plague. But why all the questions about the FBI’s preparedness for biological warfare? In retrospect that strikes me as very suspect. On top of all that, I still have not been paid by Vlad or Rossija, making me probably one of the few people who have not received payment from Russia.

Anyway, readers who have lost track of the many twists and turns in my case can find a summary (first part) below. This includes the original police report of Theodekti’s attempt to bribe my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos as well as confirmation that report was sent to Larisa prosecutor’s office.

All of that evidence disappeared, as the police and prosecutors began an illegal, off the charts investigation directed to a fake person using hand written notes. Perverting the course of justice was not enough. Never tired of failing, they tried to seize the opportunity to set me up for a lethal penalty over and over again.

In the meantime, the amount of evidence against them is staggering, and could be the subject of a PhD study.

As an Austrian national, I have now asked for help from the Austrian government because I also have rights to due process and protection from criminal police and prosecutors in Greece, especially as a journalist investigating matters in the public interest specifically epidemic vaccines.




1. Charges
Date 22nd April 2015
Place Police headquarters, Larisa, Greece
File number 1053/3/136  Δ 2β and Δ 2γ

Accused Abbess Theodekti, Theoniki, Monastery of St John the Forerunner, Anatoli, Ajia, Larisa, Greece

Witnesses named Theoktisti (English speaking nun), Theosemni, Theososte,  Thekla, Theonymphe, Garyfalya and Roula Kominou.

Larisa police record of my charges filed against Theodekti and Theoniki with the help of my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos, and the actual charges.





The charges consist of four pages describing Theodekti’s fraud, assault and attempt to imprison me before having me forcibly confined in a psychiatric clinic on account of my blog and journalism activities as well as attempted murder by strangulation by Theonike just as I wanted to leave the monastery.








Note. There is a special in Greece whereby only two people can testify that someone is mentally ill for them to be confined in a psychiatric unit one month before being presented to a judge. My then lawyer said that I would have been drugged immediately and never come out.

According to information given in a civil case I started to get my money back, Theodekti was told by the police in Ajia that they did not have the authority to confine me as she had asked them to using the special law. The police told her would have to get the permission of a prosecutor to confine me to a pyschiatric unit. In further proof that Theodekti knew she was acting illegally, she did not, in fact, contact a prosecutor as the police told her to, and I was able to leave the monastery as I originally planned to.

I declare myself a party at the end of the charges and paid the fee of 44 euros with the number 8144904 as confirmed by the receipt 8144904.

Copy of receipt 8144904.


Witnesses named by me in the report are Theoktisti (English speaking nun), Theosemni, Theososte, biased witness the then novice Garyfalya and non essential witness Roula Kominou, mother of novice Angeliki.

Note key witnesses Theoktisti, Thekla, Theonymphe, Theosemni and Theososte have still not be questioned in violation of my right to have a proper investigation.


2. Bribery attempt
Date 27nd April 2015
Place Police headquarters, Larisa
File number 1053/3/136  Δ 2β  Δ 7

Accused Theodekti, Theoktisti

Witnesses named Konstantinos Christopoulos, unnamed bank staff who was present during the bribery attempt

The police record Δ 7 of my report of the bribery attempt by Theodekti through Theoktisti on 27 April 2015.

The two page police report  counter signed by police officers.





My then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos confirmed the bribery attempt in an email in Greek and German and that he made a report at the police station about the bribery attempt to drop my case and not ask for my money back.



That report has vanished to hide evidence of Theodekti’s guilt.

The note signed by state prosecutor Christina Fasoula instructing police to accept my evidence in relation to the bribery attempt on 27th April 2015.



The police report of a conversation with Theodekti in which she admitted phoning Christopoulos but falsely claimed it was not a bribery attempt to avoid self incrimination. There would be no other reason to call my lawyer.



3. Police report
Date 31 July 2015 (handed in by my then lawyer Christopoulos)
Place Police headquarters, Larisa
File number 1053/3/136  Δ 2β

The police record Δ 7 2β of the receipt of my more detailed report on the above crimes naming George Soros as a person with the motive and means through his networks in Greece to silence me  handed over to police officer Evangelas Toutonas by Christopoulos between 12 25 and 12 40 pm on 31 July 2015.

jul cover

My report translated into Greek with the police stamp in the top right hand corner.


4. Police report
Date 11th May 2015
Place Larisa police headquarters
File number 1053/3/136  B
To Larisa State prosecutors
Date 20th May
File number Δ15/218

Police report sent to Larisa prosecutor’s office on 11th May 2015 and given the file number Δ15/218 on its receipt on May 20th

The police report specifies the original crime as well as the bribery attempt and lists eight pieces of accompanying evidence, including a police doctor’s report of the bruises I received due to the assault by Theoniki.






An email from Christopoulos telling me the police praesidum had asked me to write a detailed report on the crimes,  referencing the name Th. Valliantou and the wrong monastery copying the instructions in the handwritten note of Toutounas.

Note, I never accused the monastery of St George, Karditsa, of any crimes in my charges in April 2015.

My detailed report was received by Larisa police, specifically Toutounas on 31st of July 2015. See confirmation above.

Note. Theodekti is consistently called Theodekti throughout the official police reports. She is never called Th. Vallianatou. Her civilian name is Polychronia Vallianatou. No one in Greece could identify her as Th Vallianatou.

In February, prosecutor Christina Fasoula allowed me to see the cover page of my case in an attempt to persuade me that my case was proceeding well and knowing I did not speak or read Greek then (only slightly better now). Although I do not speak Greek, I did recognize the name Th Vallianatou on the cover page. It was the only name on the cover page. There was no mention of Theodekti or Theoniki or the monastery St John the Forerunner. I asked Fasoula to point out where Theodekti and Theoniki to me were named in the case. She could not show me a single place in the body of the file where Theodekti and Theoniki were mentioned.

I have never been able to access Fasoula’s original file in violation of my rights.




Date 22 September 2015
Signed Larisa police chief Asterios Mantziokas
Prosecutor’s file number Δ15/218a from 29.06.2015
Police file number 1053/3/136 Gamma

A letter referencing with the letterhead of the Ministry of Interior.

min int 1
The Larisa police chief Mantziokasdirects police in Ajia to my reports on 31st July 2015 and 21st April 2015 and asks them to a non existent person, Th Vallianatou, alongside the culpritsTheodekti and Theonike.

Police are instructed to take statements from Theodekti and Theoniki and Th Vallianatou NOT under oath.

The police are also instructed to find out the ID and tax number of Th Valliantou, thereby, proving that the police knew that the person did not exist and had only be created to deflect from Theodekti and Theonike, indeed replace them altogether.
Theoktisti is omitted as a witness altogether in spite of being named as an essential witness in all my police reports.

Theosemni is to be questioned but she was not because she was allegedly in Estonia at the time. No attempt has been made since to get her testimony.

Biased witness novice Garyfalya, named as an accomplice of Theoniki in my April 22nd 2015 police report, and Roula Kominou are to be questioned under oath. Roula is the mother of another novice Angeliki, and with personal and financial ties to the Orthodox church, creating a relationship of dependency on Theodekti, who was not present during the events and came to collect me from the monastery on the instructions of Theodekti.

The letter names the police officer Evangelas Toutounas, who wrote a handwritten note directing the investigation to Th. Vallianatou and the wrong monastery, as the contact person.
It gives the same phone number for Toutounas as he scribbled on his handwritten note.

It requests the Ajia police to send the statements to the Larisa first prosecutor’s office.

It gives the first prosecutor of Larisa court as the contact.


7.  Police report on the questioning of the witnesses

Date 17 November 2015
Signed Ajia deputy police chief Andreas Koulumpias
Prosecutor’s file number Δ15/218a from 29.06.2015
Police file number 1053/3/51a


The deputy police chief of Ajia Koulumpias lists the persons who have given statements as Roula Kominou and Garyfalia. Koulumpias says they gave their statements under oath.

Koulumpias expressly states that Theodekti and Theonike gave their statements NOT under oath as instructed.

It also mentions a police statement about Theosemni, which I did not find in the file. She either gave no testimony or her testimony was removed.

Koulumpias omits all mention of the person Th. Valliantou although the explicit instruction to question this person alongside Theodekti and Theoniki, thereby revealing that he knew that Th. Valliantou did not exist and the name had only been inserted to deflect from the real culprits, indeed to replace them altogether.

8. The statements of Roula Kominou, Garyfalia on 7th October 2017 Theodekti and Theonike on 5th November 2017.

Theodekti and Theonike not under oath accuse me falsely of being permanently drunk, obtaining the injuries by self harming to justify their attempt to forcibly confine me.

Note, the statements of the biased and non essential witness contradict the statements of Theodekti and Theoniki in all essential points (no mention of drunkenness, self harming, behaved well etc) but there is no investigation.

Theodekti falsely claims she returned my donations of 96,000 euros to me in cash, naming a lower sum.

Note the two statements of Theodekti and Theonike fulfill the conditions of the  special law whereby only two people can testify that someone is  mentally ill for them to be confined by a prosecutor an emergency law for one month before being presented to a judge, allowing them to attempt their original crime a second time, only this time with the help of Larisa prosecutors.


9. An email from me asking Christopoulos to make sure Theoktisti was questioned.

10. Emails from Christopoulos telling me that essential witness Theoktisti had been questioned by police when she had not.
The aim was to deceive me into thinking the case was proceeding in a regular fashion.

Christopoulos told me the deputy police commsioner Andreas Koulumpias would carry out the questioning, which he did.


11. Charges
Date 27th January 2016
Place Larisa prosecutor’s office
File number Δ 15/218


Larisa prosecutor’s confirmed receipt of my proof that Alexis Tsipras and  George Soros, read my blog on January 27th 2016, and direct, personal knowledge of it. I alo warned in my report that if Tsipras is involved, there will likely be a cover up and suppression of evidence, which is exactly what happened happened.

The evidence about Soros and Tsipras as part of the charges.

Soros Tsipras

The report..


This report was given my file number Δ15/218 when it was accepted by Larisa prosecutor Anna Balyianni on 27th January 2016. Her note says that my case was given to Christina Fasoula on January 18th 2016.

I asked to see my file Δ15/218 but was refused permission by Balyainni in violation of the law since I had paid the fee to become a party on 22nd April 2015.

After I began suspect that my then lawyer Christopoulos was suppressing evidence, I asked him to resign and give up his power of attorney. He agreed. I went to Christopoulos’ office to collect what he said was my file and resignation letter. There, I saw Simos Samaras and heard him giving instructions to Christopoulos not to give me written confirmation of his resignation.

Christopoulos eventually scribbled his resignation on the original contract giving him power of attorney after I insisted.


When I looked at Christopoulos’ file of my case, I found it was empty apart from the handwritten note from Toutounas and a copy of the 100 euros receipt confirming I had paid the necessary fees on 22 April 2015, and some handwritten notes and some other bank receipts and odd bills from Christopoulos.

There was no trace of the police reports on 22nd April and 27th April 2015 as well as July 2015.

I only found a copy of police reports from 22 April and 27th April later and with a great deal difficulty.

12. Charges
Date  12 February 2016
Place Larisa prosecutor’s office
File number A Π 372

I filed charges about the perversion of justice and intimidation by police officers and prosecutors. The case was given the number 372.



Read the English original here

AP 372 Report English

And the evidence here






12. Charges
Date  March, April 2016
Place Areios Pagos, Supreme Court, Athens
File number 1046 16 etc


My case was also sent to the Areios Pagos by Larisa court officials. It was given the case number 1046 16 etc and assigned to prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou as I found out when I went to the Areios Pagos to hand in evidence separately in case Larisa court had not given over the evidence.

Note, I describe the bribery attempt on 27th April 2015 in exactly the same way in AΠ 372 as the police report filed on that same day and which I only found later.

On 16 February 2016 prosecutor in charge of my case Christina Fasoula asked to resign from my case Δ15/218.

My case Δ15/218 was given to Katarina Papaioannou in March 2016. She continued the perversion of justice as described in the appeal.

A written request for information to her about my case specifically asking  whether my original charges, which I had just found, were in her file and giving her a copy to add. She later took them out again in secret.


13. Charges brought against Theodekti and Theonike by prosecutor Papaioannou.

Date 22 April 2016

Place Larisa state prosecutor

File number Δ15/218

In her two page charge, Papaioannou accuses Theodekti of fraud only nominally as she repeats almost word for word Theodekti’s false claims she returned all my money while providing no evidence in the form of receipts, bank transfers that Theodekti ever returned me my money.



Papaioannou gives no reference to alleged claims made by me on 19.04.2015. No statement from me, no police report from me is referenced in her charges or was present in the file.
Omitted from the file Delta 15 218 in inviolation of procedures is
1. The police report sent to Larisa prosecutor’s office on May 11th with the original police charges and bribery attempt
2.The July police report focussing on George Soros, the Saatchi Bill, and the brother of Theodekti, Grigoris Vallianatos who has close links to Tsipras
3. the January 2016 report focussing on the Soros and Tsipras and including the invitation to give testimony to the UK Parliament about whether the UK is prepared for a pandemic by Dr Sarah Wollaston.
All of these pieces of evidence underline that I am a journalist investigating matters in the public interest and, therefore, a potential target of Tsipras anc corrupted police and prosecutors.pap2


The only witnesses called are myself, Garyfalya and Roula.

The date for the trial was set for November 28th 2016.

I only found the file by chance through the intervention of a passing lawyer after being told repeatedly no decision had yet been made. The lawyer and I were next falsely told that I had not paid the fee to become a party. I paid the fee again and accessed the file.

Inside the file, there were only the charges of Papiaonnou Ministry of Interior letter and the statements from Theodekti, Theonike, Garyfalya and Roula.

In short, Papaioannou continued the deception, removing police reports and leaving only the statements of Theodekti and Theonike, a biased and a non essential witness. This time, she did it, it is to be assumed, with the blessing of Areios Pagos prosecutors, who had been given the evidence in February by Larisa court officials and by me in April, as well as with the blessing of Larisa court president Alexander Oekonomou, who had been informed by irregularities in my case in February by Christina Fasoula, and who had a duty of care.

Note Papaioannou’s file and evidence again fulfills the conditions of  special law whereby only two people (Theodekti and Theoniki, the accused) can testify that someone I am mentally ill for me, but this time with the signature of the prosecutor or judge at the


14. Appeal
Place Larisa appeals court
File number XX





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