Sweet retirement beckons as awareness of vaccine risks accelerates

Well, dear readers, the new ruling of the European Court of Justice that vaccines can be blamed for causing illnesses provided victims give reasonable proof of damage means I can finally think of retiring from this blog.

My case in Greece proves that just to publish facts and evidence about vaccine risks, specifically epidemic vaccines, is to become a target for multiple murder attempts orchestrated at the highest levels of government (Alexis Tsipras).

If there were no problems with these vaccines, there would be absolutely no need to go to such lengths to silence a journalist, and one who, moreover, has been more or less alone in covering global epidemics and vaccine plans.

Am just finishing the summary of my case for the Austrian authorities to ask them for protection against the criminal elements in the Greek police, prosecutor office, government and Orthodox church, who have conspired repeatedly together to silence me. That just for warning people about a clear and real danger on the basis of facts and documents. Believe me when I say I  have not enjoyed this role. not enjoyed  doing this blog or and not appreciated repeated murder attempts, smears and danger. I am not a masochist.

Appreciative readers, who finally understand I may have saved their lives several times over from mass bird flu, swine flu and Ebola vaccine scams, can now help me get my case back on track by complaining to the Greek government. Justice and jail for the culprits will serve as a deterrent not just to attacking me but to attacking other journalists investigating matters in the public interest.

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