Et tu, Thanou?

All the evidence points to Greece’s Areios Pagos President Vasiliki Thanou being implicated in the repeated perversion of justice in my case. A clue that she may have established back channels to receive funding is a secretive gala  at the Hilton she organized attended by foreign guests and with intransparent financing held.

MPs from To Potami have tabled questions asking who is paying for the event. 

George Soros? Geoffrey Pyatt? Jacob Rothschild? Are there offshore bank accounts being filled up off radar?

From Ekathimerini…

Judicial authorities and MPs have lashed out at Supreme Court President Vassiliki Thanou over an event she is planning on Friday in celebration of the court’s 182nd anniversary.

Thanou has reportedly booked the events hall of a five-star hotel in Athens to hold the gala, which critics have dismissed as an unnecessary expense, especially as it is customary for institutions to celebrate only 50-year chapters of their history.

Meanwhile, sources have suggested that Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Dimitris Dasoulas recently resigned from the event’s planning committee over concerns regarding its funding.

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